A Christmas Eve to Remember

Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers and readers! Hope you all made it on Santa’s nice list this year…

As I don’t celebrate Christmas, I usually just order in Chinese food and go out to see a movie with friends. However, this year I found out about a Christmas Eve party for Jewish singles at a nightclub downtown, so my friends and I decided to go check it out. I threw on a sexy pair of black leather leggings and halter crop top – and was ready to go meet and mingle!

The party started at 9 – so I figured we’d go an hour later (who goes to a nightclub right when the party starts??) We arrived there for 10:15, walked inside and lo and behold it was virtually empty. There were about 10 people hanging out by the bar, and a group of 5-6 girls on the dance floor swaying their hips to Israeli beats. We wanted to check our coats in, but the security guard told us that the coat check wouldn’t be open for another half hour. So we went over to the bar to get a drink… I had to pay $8 for a vodka cranberry which was ridiculous. At this point – we were feeling like this party may be a complete bust but decided to stick it out for a little while longer to see if more people would trickle in.

Sure enough by 11:30 – crowds of cute singles started making their way into the nightclub. We kicked ourselves for getting there so early – I guess you live and learn.

Everyone headed upstairs to the second level – and it was a completely differently experience than the first floor. It was dark and the DJ was blaring top 100 mixes. Private bottle service sections were set up and there was a huge dance floor with a disco ball hanging in the center with lights flashing from every direction. This was more my scene!

My friends and I grabbed another drink and made our way to the dance floor. We started swaying our hips to J Biebz and Calvin Harris. Swarms of people were dancing around us and eyeing us head to toe. Men started attacking us like vultures from left, right and center.

A pretty tall, attractive looking guy approached me and asked if I wanted to dance. I thought why not, so I wrapped my hands around his neck and his hands automatically went straight to my butt. Oh god… I went with it for a little bit.

“I have to tell you, you have a really sexy body”. I was flattered – but could already tell this guy was just looking to have a good time. “Are you from Toronto, Max?” “No – Montreal. I’m just visiting until the new year”. Red flag #2. He flipped me around and started to full out grind against me and at that point I was ready to get away from this guy.

I gave one of my girlfriends the bulged eye look and she took that as a cue to rescue me. We moved locations and continued dancing.

It was certainly an ego-boost to have so many men approach us and want to dance. I had to pull the boyfriend excuse for a few that were either 4 inches too short or were too drunk to have any sort of conversation.

My eyes were closed and I was letting my body move to the DJ’s beats. I opened my eyes for a second and sure enough saw another guy approaching me. He was tall and had a cute smile. I was a little tipsy at this point and happily accepted a dance with him. He put his hands on my shoulders which was a little awkward (but kind of adorable) and I had to push them down to my waist (clearly, he doesn’t go to the clubs much). We were singing out the lyrics to the songs and swaying our bodies together. From the little ear to ear conversation we had – I learned we were from the same suburban city, he had a full-time job and was a year older than me. Check, check and check!

He offered to buy me a drink which I happily accepted. I can officially cross that off my bucket list. We went back to the dance floor and continued dancing with both of our friends.


I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that we just found each other really cute but he looked directly at me and went in for a kiss! PDA on the dance floor… another first. It wasn’t very long, but I was a little in seventh heaven.

The clock struck 1AM and I, Cinderella, had to run to make it on the last subway train. Which sucked, because the party was in full gear at that point! I could tell this guy was clearly interested in me, but had yet to ask for my # so I simply wrote his name in my phone and gave it to him. He happily added his number in and I told him I’d text him. He kissed me once more goodnight which was unexpected and then my friends and I quickly grabbed our coats and headed out.

I woke up this morning – and still can’t stop smiling while writing this. Hopefully you all had an equally fun and entertaining Christmas Eve as me.

To be continued with Christmas Eve guy… plus there are a few other contenders on my list right now so I’ll definitely be back with more stories soon.

Post Valentines

I still had a great Valentines Day despite being single. My whole day was filled with lots of love from my family and friends. Sure – it stung a little bit on the subway ride home from work to see guys holding a single rose stem for their girlfriend; and hearing the musician in the station playing the traditional song you walk down the aisle to. However, I came home to a beautiful Italian themed dinner my dad cooked for my family. Followed by chocolate fondue with strawberries and bananas!

I woke up this morning feeling a bit down. I had hoped to see the guy from LinkedIn – Zach at some point this weekend but it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride with him since my last blog post…

About a week after we met for coffee, I sent him another version of his character. He sent back changes – so then a few days following, I sent him an updated version. Then came more changes. By this point I had spent over 15 hours designing the character for him – and I had only charged about 1/4 of the time spent.

Zach was such a charmer and I totally fell under his spell. Whenever I agreed to make another small change – he would send me heart signs back. Those hearts gave me hope he was still interested in seeing me again.

By the end of January, I was close to finishing his character and he sent me his final list of small edits.

Me: You owe me a week away after this.

Zach: Haha I know. (heart sign)

Me: You better hold up to your end of the deal.

Zach: I’m a man of my word. ;)

February 9, I sent Zach the final versions to post to his page. I was so excited that the character was done, and we could finally make plans to meet again to go for celebratory drinks. Unfortunately for me, ever since I’ve sent him the final designs – the hearts have stopped and his messages have been less frequent.

He ended up paying me more than what he was supposed to which was nice of him. However, still no mention on his part of going out again. That brings us to February 12.

Me: So when are we going to celebrate?

Zach: I dunno well have to see. :0

Me: Okay.

… Disappointment washed over my face and my heart sunk. ‘We’ll have to see..’ What the hell does that mean? Is that code word for, sorry but I’m not interested anymore? Is he just too obsessed with his gaming that he can’t commit to a time to see me? Maybe he started seeing someone else?

I don’t even know what to think. I feel pretty used and taken advantage of. He totally led me on. I wish I had a happier ending here, although it’s not to say this is for sure the ending. What do you think. Time to move on?

Tale of the Princess Maffle

Last Wednesday I received a text message from my younger cousin who is one of my loyal blog followers. She wrote saying:

“I want to set you up with this guy I work with!”

Of course I was curious so I asked her more about who he was. Eli worked at the same theatre as her. She told me he was turning 25, had two degrees, was very down to earth / funny, and most importantly: single.

Naturally this got me pretty intrigued. I asked if she felt he was my type. She replied:

“I could totally see you guys together.”

I told her to pass along my Facebook name so he could add me. About an hour and a half later, I received a new friend request alert from him. I logged onto his page from my phone and started flipping through his pictures. He was cute! Tall, lanky and had a very young-boy(ish) look, which is the type I generally go for.

Over the next 24 hours, we exchanged about 8 lengthy messages through Facebook chat. From there we exchanged cell numbers. This past Saturday we decided to talk on the phone and the conversation lasted about an hour and a half long! I was pleasantly surprised.

We arranged to meet a few days later at a coffee/dessert spot that neither of us had been to before (which Eli had heard great things about). It was called ‘Cafe Princess’. The name sold me instantly.

I arrived a few minutes after 8pm, and saw Eli already sitting at one of the ornate tables in the corner by a large window. He got up, smiled, and came over to me. We hugged hello. We walked back over to the table and I immediately expressed how cute and comfy the place was. There were large and luxurious couches, star decorations above each of the tables, and the menus had a very cute, whimsical feel. As Eli and I were reading through the menu, some of the hand-written items were so illegible that we couldn’t help but laugh and make fun of them. We decided to share the ‘Princess Waffle’. Although, the W in their hand writing appeared upside down so we kept referring to it as the ‘Princess Maffle’. We then proceeded to stare out the window and joke sarcastically about how beautiful the scenery was (pointing out the gas station and roads).

About 15 minutes later, our ‘Princess Maffle’ arrived at our table and we were presented with a white waffle… YES, white – which came with two scoops of ice cream, strawberries and kiwi. Confused, I looked back at the menu and completely didn’t process that in brackets next to this menu item it read ‘made out out of rice cakes’. Uh oh…

Eli could tell by my reaction that something was up. He asked if I was okay with it. I said… “of course. There’s a first for everything, right?” I took the first bite and I’m pretty sure the expression on my face was priceless. It was the chewiest waffle I had ever tasted. It tasted nothing like a waffle… maybe it truly was a maffle! It was bland, and I could feel it slowly getting stuck in my braces. At least it was white so the pieces wouldn’t show, but I knew I couldn’t take another bite. He was very sweet about it and finished off the maffle. I helped myself to the ice cream and fruit.

Overall the date went well! Did I feel instant butterflies? No… but maybe that feeling will grow if I continue getting to know him.

The next day, Eli wrote to me saying he had a nice time and asked if I’d be interested to go out again soon. We’ve tentatively scheduled to go out next Monday. He seems like a really genuine guy that’s looking for a relationship, or should I say princess? Of course, I want my prince charming too. So why am I not over the moon excited to see him again? I guess I’m not used to the guy being so eager to pursue me… I’m used to the chase, and part of me secretly loves it. I know I need to grow up and get over it.

What’s your take on ‘the chase’? Would you encourage me to go on a second date with Eli?

50 Questions: Tinder Edition

This morning I woke up and while lying in bed, I decided to check Tinder for fun. There I was, still half asleep, checkmarking and x’ing the guys pictures when I came across this guy Max who looked familiar (not to mention, very cute). I decided to checkmark him and sure enough he had already checkmarked me back. We were a match! I wrote hello and he immediately wrote back… “Hey. I feel like I know you from somewhere.” After thinking of a few possible places with no luck, he finally remembered that he helped his friend put his OKcupid account together and that he remembered seeing my picture from there. I proceeded to ask who his friend was and the name didn’t ring a bell. This is how the Tinder conversation proceeded (I’m in blue):


Max told me he worked in the business world. I asked what got him interested in the app and he said it was very simple and popular so he was just checking it out. He also went on to tell me he had a girlfriend, and was just looking to do some research about the app. Max literally had 50 questions to ask me and wanted to do it in this forum so he could refer back to them. I considered going along with it, even though I was a bit disappointed that he was already taken. He said he had several friends, such as the one from OKcupid who he could introduce me to. So he told me to add him on Facebook to see what his single friends looked like. Then the conversation moved over to private Facebook chat:

Screen-Shot-2013-07-20-at-12.36.48-PMThis made me even more perplexed, since he had previously told me there were “legit” 50 questions he had in mind and he even wanted to refer back to them. I started digging a little more asking if he was perhaps designing a similar app and was doing research for it. He denied this emphatically and started backing off a little. But not before he asked me how old I was. Again, not wanting to reveal too much about myself, I said – 20 something.

“Give me a number.” He demanded. Woah….. I’d had enough. “Sorry, that’s all you’re going to get.” I said. “Good luck with your research”.

What are your Tinder highlights?

French Fry Boy Update / Found my Facebook Prince Charming

Hi everyone. First off, I thought I’d write a follow up on french fry boy. Since my last blog post, there was absolutely no contact between us until this evening. Here is how our text message conversation went:

Hey! Wow long time, how’s life treating you?

Me: Pretty good… you?

Could always be better but I’m hanging in there. Finally recovered from being sick?

Me: Yeah.

Ouch. Real conversation murderer there.

I responded by telling him straight up how I was frustrated with him for being so distant since I got back from vacation. I told him it felt like he wasn’t interested anymore and I didn’t deserve for him to just be messaging me out of the blue every so often. He wrote back saying he never meant to create any drama or stress. If it made me feel better he hadn’t seen any of his friends in the past couple of weeks. He apologized and said if I’d prefer he didn’t message me anymore, to let him know. He didn’t want to complicate anything. I did want to give him some benefit of the doubt as it sounded like he may be going through a hard time and he had told me about some anxieties he was dealing with.

Me: I liked where things were going between us and then when I got back from vacation its like things backtracked. I know you weren’t looking for anything serious from the beginning but I felt we developed a strong connection. If you don’t think your open to anything becoming more serious it’s better if we just stay friends.

I sent that about half an hour ago. I’m sure you’re all thinking I’m silly and should have just ignored him. However, I needed closure. I probably would have been devouring 10 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s by now if it weren’t for all of your support.

Now onto a happier note.

As many of you know, I was unable to attend the local speed dating event put on by a University/College organization two weeks ago. What many of you don’t know is that when my friend and I first got invited to the Facebook event, we may have peeked over the ‘attending’ and ‘maybe’ lists. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that before! Anyway, I stumbled across this really cute guy’s profile. From what I could see, he appeared tall, had that prince charming quality to him and was also in his final year of University downtown. Mean time while I was putting all these bits of information together, my friend had found two guys of her liking and sent them a private message to see if they were interested in talking further! I couldn’t believe she did that. I wasn’t sure how stalker like it would appear. However, we could conclude they were ‘single and looking to mingle’ from being marked as ‘attending’ and I thought – good for her! What does she have to lose.

Somehow or another she convinced me to message this guy I stumbled upon. I said:

Hey. I know this is pretty random but my friend and I got this local speed dating event invitation on Facebook and we may have peeked at the list to see who was invited. Are you going?

A few days later and still no response. I figured it was unlikely I’d hear back so I wasn’t disappointed.

Which brings us to yesterday when I received a new private message alert on Facebook:

I just got this message now… yea I was there, crazy experience! So do you normally randomly message cute guys on Facebook? :P

I couldn’t believe he wrote back! From there we talked back and forth which went on for about 2 hours! I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 am. He told me he ended up going to the event. It was an ‘interesting’ experience but it was hard for him to take it seriously because it’s not the typical way he meets new people.

At the end of our conversation he gave me his phone number and I encouraged him to make the next move. He’s even suggested to go out for dinner with me which is so refreshing. I took a screenshot of him giving me virtual flowers. I mean, how original and cute is that! Well, we were both deliriously tired from a long day of school so I guess it made it seem that much more amazing.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.31.08 PM

I’m excited to see where things go. No word from him today but hopefully he will make his move tomorrow. I’ll definitely keep all of you updated. Anyone reading this ever experience a similar situation? What’s the most random place you’ve introduced yourself to a guy/ made the first move?

Epiphany over the Caribbean Sea

Yesterday I arrived home from a one week family vacation. We flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico and from there cruised along the Caribbean Sea to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Aruba and Curacao. It was absolute paradise. Definitely can’t complain going from Toronto’s -15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius weather.

My goal going into this vacation was just to relax and enjoy every single moment of my travels and time with my family. Which is exactly what I did. I sat on the top deck of the cruise ship by the pool and stared out into the swaying, aquamarine ripples of the ocean as we awaited our first port. It felt like I was in the middle of nowhere, just a speck floating in this large vessel on water and in that moment it made the world seem infinite. I felt completely relaxed and with the sun beaming down and a subtle breeze passing by every so often; I felt like all my anxieties, troubles and fears had temporarily floated away.

Having no access to technology was difficult at first but as the trip continued it felt refreshing not to have it by my side 24/7. In fact, not knowing if any of my ‘fish’ had written to me felt great, and made me realize that it was taking away from appreciating what I did have in my life and just living in the moment.

I got home from my trip with a sun burn that was peeling, but was surprisingly darker than I’ve ever been. When we landed back in Toronto I was already reminiscing about the islands, dolphin encounter and laying on the beaches in Aruba and St. Kitts with a Pina Colada in hand. There were several guys with their families that looked my age on the cruise, but I really wanted to not focus on chasing after anyone and if anything let them chase me.

When I arrived back in Toronto to the freezing cold, I felt like the last week had been a dream. I flipped through my pictures and couldn’t believe I experienced all of it. Really, it was an escape from reality. Although I’m home now and back to daily routine, I want to continue not to let my obsession over finding ‘the one’ take away from experiencing life to the fullest.

My advise to all of my readers: make yourself a Pina Colada and lay down on your couch. Play a YouTube soundtrack of the ocean breeze. (Yes guys, this goes for you too. You can get a beer instead of a Pina Colada if preferred). Close your eyes, shut your technology off and discover that feeling that pushes away all the stressful things in your life and transports you to a contented place.