Birthday Celebrations

It had been over a week since I last went out with AB. The plan was to go out last night for a celebratory birthday dinner followed by a comedy show.

We met midtown at the subway station – and as soon as we locked eyes we smiled at one another and gave a hug/kiss hello. It was a beautiful day out. He took my hand in his and we started walking down the street towards a nice Italian restaurant. We got there and took a seat outside on the patio. He looked cute with his blue baseball cap on and striped t-shirt.

Conversation flowed pretty smoothly. Part of me was still thinking about Adam – although I tried my best to not let him effect my time with AB. The bill arrived, and although I insisted to contribute, AB said it was his treat. After dinner, he presented me with a gift and card. I opened up the gift and my heart melted – he bought me a 5-disc set of Bryan Adam’s classical albums. For those of you who don’t know, AB and I went on our first official date to watch Bryan Adams perform live. I mean, how thoughtful is that?

At around 7:30PM – we walked over to the comedy club (which was right around the corner from the restaurant). It was my second time ever going to see live comedy, so I was pretty excited. AB had his arm around me as we waited in line and got our tickets scanned. When we walked inside, the usher told us there were two different tables we could sit at. One, being on the far left side of the room and the other being dead centre right in front of the microphone. So of course which table did AB want us to sit at? I think you can guess…

I knew I needed a drink – especially since there was a high chance we were going to get picked on all evening. I ordered a cocktail and AB got a coffee since he was driving that night. The MC came on around quarter after 8. Let me tell you – every single comedian was HILARIOUS. Some of it was pretty raunchy (talking about masturbation and having sex) and I will admit my cheeks went a bit red at some of the punch lines but overall it was great. I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard – AB was also having a great time. We held hands for the majority of the show while sitting at the table. Turned out AB got picked on way more than me! The one comedian saw that AB didn’t clap as quickly to one of his jokes (immediately calling him out as a skeptic) – so he kept bring his microphone closer to AB – to the point where he purposely started thrusting himself right into AB’s face – joking around to see if AB was getting more comfortable around him. AB’s face went bright red – it was so cute and I couldn’t stop laughing.

The show ended around 9:30PM and we headed out of the comedy club. I had planned to subway back home but AB insisted on driving me  – which was so sweet. He told me that he first needed to pick up his sister and her boyfriend from his mom’s house to give them a lift home. I was a little caught off guard – since I wasn’t expecting to meet any family members but I told him that sounded cool.

We arrived at his mom’s place (she was out of town for the weekend) – we walked inside and he introduced me to his sister and her boyfriend. They both seemed really nice and down to earth. He told me I got shot gun so I sat in the front of the car with him. Once they got dropped off – AB drove me back home. Again cruising down the highway (this time, no flat tires!) We kissed at the red lights (I know, not very safe – but I couldn’t help myself). He got me home safe and sound and asked if he would get to see me again within the next week. I’m hoping I’ll be able to – as I would like to see him again before I have double jaw surgery (the second week of October).

It’s interesting as we haven’t determined the relationship – although I can’t help but feel like he’s already invested in this. The fact that he felt comfortable enough to introduce me to his sister and her boyfriend last night, bought me such a sweet and thoughtful gift and drove me all the way home definitely makes me feel like he sees me as something long-term, wouldn’t you think? He’s admitted to the fact that we’re dating – which I would say the same – but neither of us have brought up the word ‘relationship’. I’m scared to bring it up myself – to be honest. He’s great and sweet and seems so into me, but am I ready to take that leap?


Heating Up

After spending Thursday evening together, AB drove me home from his apartment at 11PM. We had a celebratory evening as he received a job offer that day! The cherry on top? I found out the company was a few minutes walking distance from the advertising agency. My bad boy took us cruising down the highway, had his one hand stroking up and down my thigh, while my body was moving back and forth to the dance remixes that were blasting through the speakers.


Since AB got let go from work, I’m happy to report that it has been a blessing in disguise and our relationship has continued to grow. At first it was upsetting for me to pass by his empty desk, but now I’ve accepted the fact that we no longer work together. I simply get more excited for the next opportunity I get to see him.


We were ten minutes away from the exit ramp to get to my house – when suddenly I hear a fairly loud thud. He continued to drive but the further we went we could hear the sounds getting worse. I was concerned and he also felt that something was wrong. Luckily – we were nearby another exit ramp so he took the ramp, pulled over to the side of the road and put his hazard lights on. He told me to stay in the car and got out to examine what was wrong. Sure enough, we had a flat tire. Shit! The wheel was really hot. AB had never changed a tire before, so he quickly called CAA. I could tell he was a bit freaked out / in a state of shock, so I stroked his arm to keep him calm. We found out that his families CAA membership had not been renewed – and unfortunately it couldn’t be done that night.

“You didn’t have to go to such an extent to spend more time with me, you know.”

AB laughed and kissed me.

We both had very little battery power left on our phones. I couldn’t believe this was happening! He called another roadside assistance company – and thankfully they were able to get to us twenty minutes after he made the call. I had to get out of the car while they switched the tire. They weren’t quite sure what it was, but think it could have been a nail which punctured the tire. It was pitch black out, and we were both being bitten alive by mosquitoes. We got back in the car around 12:15AM. I was barely able to direct us to my place from the exit we got off at (a combination of feeling beyond tired along with being very directionally challenged). However, we made it and I got home safely at 12:30AM.

We kissed goodnight. I got inside, set my alarm clock, turned out the lights and lay in bed smiling over how crazy of a day it had been.

As for what comes next, I’m not sure. I’ve never been in a long-term relationship, and I have no clue if he’s even open to an exclusive relationship. From everything I’ve shared thus far – it would seem there are strong indicators that he is moving towards that level with me. I’m still not sure if I’m ready to DTR (determine the relationship) – although it’s certainly something that could come up in the near future!

Elevator Lockdown

Last week, I received an open invitation from Advertising Boy to come over to his apartment to go swimming. I decided to take him up on that offer yesterday…

AB met me at the bus stop early afternoon and as soon as I stepped off, we embraced each other. We entered his building and he proceeded to take us up to the 36th floor. The first thing he did was give me a tour of his place. It was a beautiful apartment – one bedroom, kitchenette, living room and bathroom. He then took us out on his balcony and my jaw dropped. It was the most breathtaking view – you could see the CN Tower, and he overlooked the waterfront where you could see all the boats sailing over the crystal clear water. I could have seriously stared out at that view for hours.

We hung out at his place for about half an hour – passing the time by playing a few rounds of magnetic darts and jamming to some songs on his electric guitar. We then decided to head down to the indoor pool to go for a swim. My goal was to pull my hair up in a cute, messy bun so it wouldn’t look like a scary mess later on in the day. So I got to the change room, grabbed my one hair elastic, pulled my hair up high – and all of a sudden … it snaps. Shit! I had a minor freak out session but after a few deep breaths I took it as a sign that I should just let it go au natural.

He looked pretty damn good in a pair of swim trunks, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. We were the only ones in the pool area. AB dove right into the pool and the water glistened off his beautifully tanned skin. I took the safer route and entered by the steps. The water was beautiful. I slowly started swimming my way over to him. When we reached each other I held onto him and just as we were getting comfortable we heard the doors open to one of the change rooms. A family of 4 walked in with 2 young kids. SHIT! What a mood kill. I wanted my first kiss with him to happen then and there, and knew that wasn’t going to be. AB also seemed disappointed. Still, that didn’t stop us from having fun. There were lots of splashes and harmless play for a good fifteen minutes. Then we made our way over to the hot tub. That’s when things got a bit more steamy. We held hands and our feet were interlocked. I lay my head on his shoulder. The heat alongside his touch was perfect, and I gazed up at him thinking there could only be one thing to make that moment even better. We looked right at each other, but knew that as long as those kids were there, we couldn’t do anything. Those darn kids! About ten minutes later, AB suggested we see if the outdoor hot tub was free. We made our way over there and were sad to see that it was already full. I suggested we head back up to his room, get changed – go to a carnival that was going on close by and then maybe go for a late night swim. He liked that idea.

AB took us towards the elevator and we were both still dripping with water from the pool. Our clothes were drenched and I could tell my hair was already turning into a frizz ball. We walked into the elevator and it was just us… finally. As soon as the doors closed we looked up at each other, he pulled me close to him and gave me a passionate kiss. That lasted a good 8 floors long. Then we had to wait for another elevator. Got in, doors closed – round 2! I was enjoying this game a lot.


We arrived on the 36th floor and as soon as we got into his apartment and the door shut behind us we pounced on each other. After we made out for a bit longer, he asked if I wanted to move into his bedroom. My body wanted to say yes… but my head urged me to slow down. I was nervous to rush into anything too quickly – especially since we worked together. I was mainly afraid of getting my heart broken so soon and having to face this man every day afterwards… and it was only our second real date. He agreed to go at a pace I was comfortable with.

We ate some pizza for dinner and then proceeded to the carnival. He had his arm around me as we walked over and I was happy to see he was so comfortable with kissing in public. When we got through the gates, he took me by the hand and led me through the massive crowds of people. AB won a Tweety bird prize for me at one of the carnival games, which was very sweet. We then went on the Ferris Wheel. It was actually my first time on a Ferris Wheel – and I’m not a big fan of heights, but being with him made me feel safe and I really enjoyed it. AB then convinced me to go on a crazy ride – this large boat that swings back and forth like a metronome, high up in the air. I am not a rides girl, so going on it was a big deal for me. Even though my stomach felt like it was dropping every time we plunged downwards, I loved the rush, squeezing his arm while I screamed at the top of my lungs. Hearing his laugh next to me warmed my heart.

Around 8:30pm we walked back over to his place so I could grab my swim bag to take back home. When we arrived, both of us were pretty tired so we sat on the couch, kissed some more, and lay in each others arms for half an hour. We were so comfortable and I could have easily fallen asleep. However, I managed to pull myself up and he proceeded to walk me back to the bus stop.

As the bus arrived, we shared a passionate kiss goodnight.

Some breaking news: on this, the day after, I just got off the phone with AB – who shared that he had been let go from the place at which we both work(ed). I didn’t know who to be more sorry for. Him for being let go, or me – at the idea that I wouldn’t see his gorgeous smile everyday. Maybe, however, this is a blessing in disguise. What do you think?

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

About a month ago I told you about Advertising Boy. Since then, we exchanged phone numbers and have been texting each other frequently. We constantly smile and make small conversation as we pass each other at work and occasionally sit in the kitchen together for lunch.

About a week after we started texting – I asked if he wanted to step out for lunch with me to go to a farmer’s market across the street from where we worked. He said yes! Despite the rain downpour that arrived soon after we got there – we had a nice time! I learned we both enjoyed live music, had similar family values, career goals and aspirations. He had the most gorgeous smile which I couldn’t stop melting over every time I looked at him.

That same week – a co-worker had sent out an all-staff email letting us know there would be a free Bryan Adams concert in our city on July. 23rd. It was first come first serve for the seats – so I immediately texted AB asking if he liked Bryan Adams and sure enough he said yes, and that he’d love to go see him.

The day of the concert arrived and I was a bundle of nerves, at the same time very excited for our “first date”. We had to be at the venue for 7pm. Both of us had to stay late at work to finish up a project – so we left together at 5:45pm. We decided it would be better to go to a mall close by the theatre and grab something from the food court (as that way we would get our food quickly and make it to the concert in time).

We arrived at the venue right at 7pm and took our seats in one of the 4-seater boxes to the right of the stage. We probably had one of the best seats in the house.. not to mention it was very romantic being in such a small, private section. It was one of the most incredible concerts either of us had been to. Bryan Adams was amazing, and we sang along to each and every one of his songs. When he started playing (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, we got a bit closer and our arms and legs were touching. We looked over at each other and smiled.

After the concert he asked if I wanted to go grab a coffee but it was already half past 10 and I knew it would take another hour to get home (and we had work the next day). He walked to the subway with me and once we got there, we both said we had a really nice time and we gave each other a really nice hug goodbye. There was a second there I thought he’d go for a kiss, but the hug was good enough for me. He told me to text him to let him know I got home safe.

I just got home! Thanks for a great evening. :) Had so much fun.

AB: That was fun! I had a great time as well. So mad its over haha. Okay gnite see you tomorrow!


The next day at work – my co-worker that had sent out the email about the Bryan Adams concert came up to my desk and asked if I had a nice time. I looked at him and said yes, I did. He then proceeded to tell me that he saw AB and me together. My jaw dropped. I said we just went as friends and he replied..

Whatever you say. *wink face*

The truth of the matter is that we are still just in the “friend” phase, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s almost better to start it off as a friendship and see where it goes. I can see he still checks his OKC page.. as do I… so I’m not getting too excited just yet. Definitely feel it’s off to a good start though!

Advertising Boy

I started a new job at an advertising agency about a month ago. It’s been such a great experience so far. The culture and environment is great and the people make going into work everyday fun and exciting.

Shortly after I started, a new guy started working at the company and I immediately crushed on him. Even though romances at work are frowned upon, that didn’t mean I couldn’t admire him from afar or try and learn more about him. Let’s call him advertising boy…

Advertising boy and I exchanged eye contact here and there and sat in the kitchen around the same lunch time on certain days over the past four weeks, but I never got an opportunity to speak with him face to face. We even sat in on some of the same presentations, but always ended up on opposite sides of the table or room. I seemed cursed.

Today, I logged onto my OKC profile after dinner and started searching through the list of new users in my area. No luck.

Just as I was about to log off.. a new message appears in my inbox.

hey hows your week going?

I clicked on this user’s profile and I immediately screamed out of excitement. The pictures and profile description matched exactly that of advertising boy! I mean.. what are the fucking chances (excuse my language, but I can hardly contain myself!) I had no clue how to decipher that message he sent me. Did he know who I was? Do I really look so different in the office than I do on my profile pictures? I mean, how could he not put two and two together. I wrote in my profile I also worked at an advertising agency and what my profession was.

My hands were shaking I was so nervous. I figured after a long 10 minutes of deliberation that I should just come out and tell the truth.

I write back:

Hey! Umm.. this is really embarrassing but do you realize that we may actually work together? ;P

Advertising boy:

really? oh fml. hahahah
Hahah well what a way to get to know each other. :P How are you enjoying your first few weeks?
Then he responded telling me about how he was really loving the company so far and asked me how I was liking it / when I started working there. I just responded and now waiting for a reply back.
Gosh, this will make for a very interesting day at work tomorrow…
I mean… how would you handle this if it happened to you?

Florida Sunshine Cleanse

After my date with LinkedIn boy last month – I was hesitant as to whether or not I should see him again. I was afraid that the more intimate we got… the more attached I’d get. After giving it some deep thought over the next few days and taking into account all of your insightful feedback, my final decision was to go with the flow, and if he were to ask me out – I would see him again. I’d go with what I felt comfortable with, even if it slightly tampered with my heart.

A few more casual, flirtatious text messages were sent back and forth the week following our date, but after that I never heard from him again. Unless you count the dozens of email notifications I received whenever he went live on his gaming website. Needless to say – I’ve now unsubscribed from those email alerts, at the same time unsubscribing from the fantasy of any future between the two of us.

Since then I’ve spoken to a few more guys on OKC and Tinder – but majority of them, similarly to LinkedIn boy, were just looking for a ‘Friends with Benefits’ type relationship. Feeling discouraged, I logged off all online accounts and focused more on going out with my friends.

On a positive note, this Canadian suburban girl just got back from a road trip which was a 24+ hour drive each way! I spent over a week right by the ocean and beautiful palm trees. Lying by the pool and beach with the scorching sun washing over me, feeling the mist of the ocean tickling the tip of my toes, sipping a yummy Pina Colada in hand… I felt free. Free from all my boy troubles, stress of finding a full-time job, amongst a list of other things.


I was very tempted to stay in Florida permanently and continue to soak in the beautifully tanned men. However, reality sunk in the day we departed and before I knew it, I was back in Toronto.

Still, I am happy to be back. I’d highly recommend you take a road trip or spontaneous vacation, even if it’s just for a week – to de-stress and reflect. Being away reminded me how it’s important to go out on adventures and live life to the fullest. I promised myself to do less online scouting for love and more going out with friends and exploring my beautiful city.

What else can it mean?

Let me give you a quick recap as to why I felt my last two dates went so well.

The first guy, Joey (the Italian), had suggested for us to go out to see a movie after we had dinner (which was certainly a sign that he liked me enough to want to spend more time together). He texted me right after our date, asking if I got home safely. I felt our date couldn’t have gone any better. The next day he asked me what my name on Facebook was. The way we kept messaging each other back and forth made it seem that he was still truly interested in going out with me again.

Meanwhile, I felt as if my latest date with David had also gone so well. The fact that we spent over two hours together and with all that we had in common – I had a strong feeling I’d see him again. I had texted David shortly after our date saying I had a great evening. He responded about ten minutes later saying, ‘Glad to hear it :)’

Conclusion with Joey

Three weeks had gone by since Joey and I met and he still hadn’t suggested going on a second date. He seemed to be growing more distant. Confused – I sent him another message two nights ago on Facebook asking if he was still interested in seeing me again. He looked at the message. No response.

The next day I wrote again.

Me: “From your not responding I’ll presume not. I am genuinely curious though what happened between you asking to add me on Facebook to now?”

Joey: “Oh sorry… I forgot to answer. I would be interested in meeting up again. But in the interest of being completely honest, I’m kind of dating someone now (although I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere…) As long as you’re aware of that then yes, I would be interested in hanging out.”

Me: “Thanks for being honest with me. To be honest back, I’m not interested in seeing someone who is already dating someone else but would be up to see you again if things don’t work out. Keep me posted.”

Joey: “It very well might not work out haha… I will let you know. Thanks for understanding. In the meantime, hope you’re doing well. :)”.

Conclusion with David

I also texted David two nights ago with a simple, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I was hoping that would strike up a conversation again which would lead in to me asking what he was up to this weekend. No response.

To this day, I still haven’t heard back. Since I texted him, I’ve seen him back online on the dating website. It’s very disappointing. Maybe I’ll message him in a few days from now, like I did with Joey, to see what his deal is. Maybe there is another girl in the picture as well.

My advise to you

After a great first date, it’s normal to feel disappointed and upset if you don’t hear from them again. I think the most important thing to remember is that you should never presume it has to do with you.

It’s important to recognize that guys and girls who use online dating sites date a large number of people before picking the one they want to solely pursue – or perhaps they have already been dating someone else and want to know what’s going on it the field before shutting down their profile.

In other news: I finally joined Twitter! For those of you who have an account, please follow me @suburbgirl4love

Also, my next date is with someone who I met offline – so stay tuned for how that works out for me!