Dating Protocol

I’m a twenty something year old girl living in Toronto, ON. I don’t know where I get my height from in the family. My friends all think I’m quite the catch and don’t understand why I’m still single, yet here I am! Join my adventure as I continue my search to find that special someone.



17 thoughts on “Dating Protocol

  1. Thanks for the follow. I shall be reading your dating mishaps as well as recording my own with the added unemployment edge. Happy dating or not as the case may be. x

  2. “Coffee Meets Bagel” seems promising so far. There are def some quality people on there, just waiting for them to like me as their bagel. #sadpanada #justkiddingit’sfine. I used up all my coffee beans “taking” bagels for future matches.

    • Haha – I just looked it up and love the concept! Unfortunately for me it’s only open to the U.S. right now – but hopefully they will expand to Canada soon. Good luck on your search and thanks for following!!

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