Prosecco and a Onesie. Hello 2017!

Well 2016, it’s time to say farewell. Overall, you’ve been great (aside from not giving me my prince charming).

I went on my first solo trip to Israel, was a bridesmaid in two of my close friends weddings, purchased my first condo, and have held a full-time position at an amazing company. Definitely a lot of memories and milestones to be proud of!

Knowing that my mom got married at 25, and as I start watching my friends getting engaged and married off, does make me feel a bit pressured to do the same. I’ve learned this past year more about the type of man I need in my life; one that won’t play games, is ambitious, mature and close with his family. That’s not so much to ask for, right?

In case you were wondering, the last guy I wrote about ending up being commitment phobic and decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship after our 4th date. I was crushed, but eventually came to terms with the fact that I deserve better.

So tonight, I will be having a low-key New Years in my comfiest onesie, and drink one to many glasses of prosecco alongside the people that are most important to me. I will not wallow in sadness for still being single. I am optimistic that 2017 will come with new adventures and experiences that will hopefully lead to love. In fact – I already have a date lined up for Monday.


HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL MY BLOG FOLLOWERS. Thanks for following along my adventures this year, and hope you’ll continue to do so in 2017. Have an incredible evening, and make sure to get your kiss in when the clock strikes midnight. ;)

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