When the Parents are Out

Ryan and I had been flirtatiously texting back and forth since our dinner and movie date. In fact – the following day, he wrote “ya… it probably won’t be good for you to wait another eight days to see me again like before”.

I knew the upcoming week would be crazy for me at work. So I suggested he come over for dinner on Saturday, as my parents were going out for the evening. He was all for it so plans were locked in.

Throughout the week I created a ‘sexy evening playlist’. Knowing that Ryan was potentially coming up to my room, I had to spend some serious time creating it in order to set the mood. 2.5 hours later – I was quite satisfied with the list. Here are a few songs that are great to take note of:

Earned It AND What You Need – The Weeknd. Thinking About You – Frank Ocean. Hold On We’re Going Home – Drake. Crave You [Adventure Club Dubstep Remix] – Flight Facilities. Love Me Again – John Newman. Anything Sam Smith. Anything John Legend. (If I missed any essentials – please share them!)

Saturday arrived and I was a bundle of nerves and excitement. After thoroughly examining the groceries in my fridge, I settled on making Chicken Parmesan, beans and pasta. Simple enough! I cleaned up my room and threw the majority of teddy bears in my bed drawer. Added some gloss to my lips and spritzed some perfume.

Ryan arrived at 7:30 looking handsome as ever. We proceeded into the kitchen and he seemed quite impressed with how I laid the table and the display of food. I was quite proud of myself – considering I’m not the best cook in the world. We enjoyed each others company over dinner – although I knew in the back of our minds we were both wanting to finish quickly so we could get past the awkward sexual tension.

After cleaning up, I offered to give him a tour of my house – which he happily agreed to.

We walked upstairs. “So here’s my washroom… oh and this is my bedroom”.

Ryan started walking around examining the certificates on my walls and then came across the guitar in the corner of my room. I picked it up and asked for him to play me something. Without using a pick – he started strumming and played beautiful melodies… which were quite mesmerizing. I asked for him to teach me some strumming patterns. So he wrapped his one arm around me and maneuvered my fingers over the strings, and as much as I was trying to pay attention, it was hard with his lips so close to me.

I tried strumming – but the sound wasn’t right. He proceeded to say – “if you don’t get it right the next time you try, I should get a kiss”. After he said that, I damn well wasn’t even going to try to make it sound right. After an unsuccessful second attempt, I placed the guitar down, turned on my playlist and dimmed the lights. I sat back down on my bed next to him.

“So about that kiss…”

As we were making out quite heavily – he noticed something in the corner of his eye. My cat had walked in and was giving him the evil eye, as if protecting me from this intruder. We continued kissing but he couldn’t stop laughing at the awkwardness of having my cat watching so attentively. So I grudgingly got up, placed her out of my room, shut the door, and the focus was back on me.

Almost 3 hours later I get a phone call from my younger sister saying she was on her way home from a friends party. I told him he was welcome to stay to meet her – so we hustled to get back to a presentable state and went downstairs. The meet and greet was very short. They simply said “hi, nice to meet to you” to one another, and then as any typical teenager would – she ran up to her room. Ryan and I made some waffles and ice cream and finished off the night by watching Saturday Night Live with his arm wrapped around me. He left at 12 – as I knew my parents were heading back around 12:30.

Being around him felt so comfortable. He’s sweet, respectful and a complete gentleman.

Ryan told me he’s mentioned me to his mom – so I’m thinking that’s a good sign. My family knows about him too. So am I off the market yet? I don’t know… I think I need a few more dates to evaluate. At the very least… I’m definitely thinking I will have a special Valentines this year.


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