Birthday Celebrations

It had been over a week since I last went out with AB. The plan was to go out last night for a celebratory birthday dinner followed by a comedy show.

We met midtown at the subway station – and as soon as we locked eyes we smiled at one another and gave a hug/kiss hello. It was a beautiful day out. He took my hand in his and we started walking down the street towards a nice Italian restaurant. We got there and took a seat outside on the patio. He looked cute with his blue baseball cap on and striped t-shirt.

Conversation flowed pretty smoothly. Part of me was still thinking about Adam – although I tried my best to not let him effect my time with AB. The bill arrived, and although I insisted to contribute, AB said it was his treat. After dinner, he presented me with a gift and card. I opened up the gift and my heart melted – he bought me a 5-disc set of Bryan Adam’s classical albums. For those of you who don’t know, AB and I went on our first official date to watch Bryan Adams perform live. I mean, how thoughtful is that?

At around 7:30PM – we walked over to the comedy club (which was right around the corner from the restaurant). It was my second time ever going to see live comedy, so I was pretty excited. AB had his arm around me as we waited in line and got our tickets scanned. When we walked inside, the usher told us there were two different tables we could sit at. One, being on the far left side of the room and the other being dead centre right in front of the microphone. So of course which table did AB want us to sit at? I think you can guess…

I knew I needed a drink – especially since there was a high chance we were going to get picked on all evening. I ordered a cocktail and AB got a coffee since he was driving that night. The MC came on around quarter after 8. Let me tell you – every single comedian was HILARIOUS. Some of it was pretty raunchy (talking about masturbation and having sex) and I will admit my cheeks went a bit red at some of the punch lines but overall it was great. I don’t remember the last time I laughed that hard – AB was also having a great time. We held hands for the majority of the show while sitting at the table. Turned out AB got picked on way more than me! The one comedian saw that AB didn’t clap as quickly to one of his jokes (immediately calling him out as a skeptic) – so he kept bring his microphone closer to AB – to the point where he purposely started thrusting himself right into AB’s face – joking around to see if AB was getting more comfortable around him. AB’s face went bright red – it was so cute and I couldn’t stop laughing.

The show ended around 9:30PM and we headed out of the comedy club. I had planned to subway back home but AB insisted on driving me  – which was so sweet. He told me that he first needed to pick up his sister and her boyfriend from his mom’s house to give them a lift home. I was a little caught off guard – since I wasn’t expecting to meet any family members but I told him that sounded cool.

We arrived at his mom’s place (she was out of town for the weekend) – we walked inside and he introduced me to his sister and her boyfriend. They both seemed really nice and down to earth. He told me I got shot gun so I sat in the front of the car with him. Once they got dropped off – AB drove me back home. Again cruising down the highway (this time, no flat tires!) We kissed at the red lights (I know, not very safe – but I couldn’t help myself). He got me home safe and sound and asked if he would get to see me again within the next week. I’m hoping I’ll be able to – as I would like to see him again before I have double jaw surgery (the second week of October).

It’s interesting as we haven’t determined the relationship – although I can’t help but feel like he’s already invested in this. The fact that he felt comfortable enough to introduce me to his sister and her boyfriend last night, bought me such a sweet and thoughtful gift and drove me all the way home definitely makes me feel like he sees me as something long-term, wouldn’t you think? He’s admitted to the fact that we’re dating – which I would say the same – but neither of us have brought up the word ‘relationship’. I’m scared to bring it up myself – to be honest. He’s great and sweet and seems so into me, but am I ready to take that leap?


One thought on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. I really don’t think you should spend too much time dissecting your relationship with him. To me it sounds like you are in a relationship just by the fact that he knows what you like, by the thought that went into your birthday gift, because he takes care of you by taking you to a comedy club which you enjoy, he pays for your dinner even though you try to dispute it and he sounds like a gentleman by taking you home, so that not only does he know you are safe, but he gets to spend more time with you. We who have gone before you, know that this is the kind of guy that gets passed up so many times for someone else. If you like him and enjoy his company stick with it and see where it goes.

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