Deal or No Deal

My aunt and mom were in the living room with me when I unexpectedly heard a knock on the door.

I was waiting anxiously to receive a text from Adam (my Tinder man) to say that he was outside. The plan was for him to pick me up at 2:30PM. I looked at the clock on my TV system and sure enough it was 2:30PM on the dot. My mom jumped up and squealed “It’s him, it must be him!” I told her to calm down and not to move anywhere but of course there was no stopping her from leaping towards our window to spy on whoever was at the door. I coolly walked towards the front door, opened it and sure enough Adam was standing there. I invited him into the front entrance and we hugged hello. Guys – take note: a guy picking a girl up at her front door is very sexy and scores major points (at least in my books). I was thinking to myself… what a gentleman! Also, it’s so refreshing for a guy to do that versus just sending a text from the car. I introduced him to my aunt and my mom. He shook my moms hand hello and I think by that point my cheeks had gone bright red. I pulled him by the arm and said, “Okay, let’s go!”

He drove us to a local spot where we could play all different arcade games. When we arrived, I saw there was a glow in the dark mini putt right next door and let out my high-school squeal. I asked if he wanted to go play a round before going to play the arcade games. He seemed into the idea, so we headed over. Adam paid for the game – even though I offered. We walked inside and it took awhile for my eyes to get adjusted to the dark / see his beautiful, 6’4 stature clearly. We alternated taking turns, playfully distracting one another and high-fiving each other when one of us got close to a hole-in-one. We were probably the oldest there, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time.

After mini putt, we headed over to the arcade room. We played game after game – from Wheel of Fortune to Deal or No Deal to Triple 7s. Then we got into the more physical games like air hockey, basketball, football and several of the driving ones. I couldn’t believe how much of a workout those games could be!

$60 later we scored about 650 tickets which bought us a Pink Elephant (which we could have probably got at the dollar store), which we named Dumbo (appropriate) and 2 bouncy balls. Yes, a complete and utter rip off, but we still both seemed to have a really fun time.

After 3 hours together, he drove me home as he had another commitment later in the evening as did I (although I would have loved to spend more time with him). He parked outside my house and I started getting all fidgety with nerves. Do I kiss him? Is he into me the same way I’m into him? I told him I had a really nice time and he agreed. He put his arm out for a hug and so I leaned in – I was close to moving my lips towards his but my nerves got the best of me and instead I just went for the hug. I was kicking myself as soon as I stepped in my house for not going for it… but I thought to myself – there’s always next time.

He did ask me what I was up to next week and I suggested we go to a comedy show (I have a number of free tickets given to me as a birthday gift). Yes – I’m turning 23 on Tuesday! He told me he’d let me know so crossing my fingers it works out and I’ll get to see him again, presuming he’s still into me!

Poor AB… he’s been writing asking to see me again – and I can’t decide what to do. Perhaps I should go out with both of them again this week and by the end of the week decide which one to focus on. Ultimately I have to follow my heart… I know that. I’d feel guilty at this point to lead AB on any further if I continued dating Adam.


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