Should I be ‘Game’?

Over a month later, and I finally have an update on Zach, the guy I met through LinkedIn! If you haven’t read about him, take a quick read over ‘Business Meets Pleasure‘ and ‘Post Valentines‘. I followed your advice, and stopped wasting my time pursuing him. About a week later, he reached out to me again – which I found very interesting. Since then, we had been writing back and forth every few days.

Friday night, I casually asked Zach what he was up to this weekend. He told me he was free Saturday night, and asked if I wanted to go out. I was pretty excited that he asked, although I knew my expectations shouldn’t be very high. I suggested going to Dave & Busters, which was very appropriate as we were both gamers – and knew it would be a place for us both to relax and have fun.

Zach picked me up at 8pm last night and I felt sparks flying as soon as I got in the car. When we got to D&B’s, we went to the restaurant/bar area to grab some food. Conversation flowed pretty smoothly. Zach told me how he mentioned to some of his friends how he met a girl off of LinkedIn, and they responded, “how can you get a date off LinkedIn, when I can’t even get one girl off of Tinder?!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

After dinner, we proceeded over to the games/arcade room.

As soon as we walked in, both of us turned into giddy school kids. I ran over to the first game I saw, where you had to hit a button 3 times and if you landed on ‘7’ each time, you won the ticket jackpot. Sure enough, on my very first game, I WON THE JACKPOT!! I couldn’t believe it. He seemed pretty impressed, which was one of my goals for the evening.

We played a good hour and a half of games. He creamed me at Guitar Hero, but I creamed him at Mario Kart. Once we ran out of points, it was time to go over to claim our prize. For 860 tickets, Zach picked out a blue pucker fish for me, which we named ‘Lorenzo’.

We headed back to his car around 11:30pm. Zach warmed up the seats so it was nice and toasty – and to top it off he started playing Spanish tunes from his iPod which was incredibly sexy. I suggested we go to a Tim Hortons in my area. When we got there, the parking lot was pretty vacant. He parked, and blasted the music a bit louder, and started singing along to it. I was more than a bit mesmerized, and just lay there staring at him / stupidly grinning / trying to remain somewhat sexy and flirtatious myself. He then looked over at me and asked what I was thinking about. I told him way too many things were running through my head and asked what he was thinking.

Zach: “I’m thinking… that you should kiss me and then we’ll go and grab some Hot Chocolate.”

At that point I just went for it, and I’ll tell you… it was definitely worth the wait. ;)

A good half hour later, the conversation started getting a bit deeper (past relationships, sexual experiences, etc.) which started making me feel a bit uncomfortable. I could tell from what Zach was sharing with me that he had quite a bit more ‘experience’. We were pretty honest with one another in the car, and he made it clear that at this point in his life he wasn’t ready to jump into another relationship. When he first said it, I was a bit disappointed. However, I appreciated the honesty. He told me he was really enjoying spending time with me, but it was my decision whether to go any further (knowing for right now it would just be harmless fun or friends with benefits).

He dropped me off back at my house around 12:30am and kissed me goodnight. All of last night my brain was floating in a million directions as to what I should do. On one hand I think it’s important to gain sexual experience and go with the flow. He’d definitely be a great teacher. On the other, there’s always the fear of getting too attached / risking your heart getting broken. Your two cents?


9 thoughts on “Should I be ‘Game’?

  1. Hi. there is nothing wrong with “gaining sexual experiences” as you say. I’ve done that the last few months. However, you seem to be really into this guy. I would say the chances of you getting attached are extremely high so you getting hurt is the biggest risk factor. He seems a bit shifty to me. Definitely not consistent… Its up to yourself, what you’re willing to put on the line…

  2. Hey :) first of all, it sounds like you had a fun date. From what you described, there is clearly chemistry (for lack of a better phrase). If you go for friends w/benefits, it rarely (if ever) stays that way. Either you have great sex and also have a good time together in general or it doesn’t work out and you go your separate ways. There generally isn’t an alternative where sex is involved; it’s arguably the most intimate thing you can do with another person. That’s a double-edged sword, though. Attachment can lead to a brilliant relationship or heartbreak when things are so loosely defined at the start. My best advice is to go with your gut feeling, maybe after a couple more dates (or whenever it feels right). As long as you’re both having fun, there’s nothing stopping you from taking things a step at a time. I feel that actively looking for love can skew our perspective sometimes. So just keep an open mind and enjoy the moment :) sorry for the lengthy message. I hope things work out :)

  3. Oh man…decisions decisions! Take it from a girl who’s been in the EXACT same situation…it can be LOADS of fun…but you’ve gotta have some tough skin. Otherwise…feelings will be hurt…and they’l be yours. If you’d like to ‘experiement’ and just see where things go..then do it! I’m always a promoter of good sex…however…I would not stop searching for your soulmate. Because I’m 100% sure this guy is NOT him. Keep us updated! :)

  4. I think if you decide to pursue this further with him you just have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t get too attached. If you can keep it light and unattached you could have a lot of fun, but if you don’t think you can do that then maybe it’s best to stay away.

  5. I’m really glad you had a great time! Here are some words of advice… When a man is honest and tells you he’s not looking to get into relationship, believe him! That being said, there’s no harm in having fun as long as you both keep your expectations clear. Hope that helps!

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