The Quick and Torrid Love Affair

Two posts in one weekend, just because my latest Tinder match made such an impression that I had to share. The following conversation happened last night.

Charlie: “Ah, you like ‘best vines’ too. We must be soulmates!” (For those of you that don’t know, Vines are short videos, usually 5 to 10 seconds long of compiled clips).

Me: “It’s a sign!”

Charlie: “Hahah yup. When’s the wedding?”

Me: “Tonight. City hall.”

Charlie: “Okay. 8pm sharp.”

Me: “Perfect. I’ll go get the dress now. Do you have a suit ready to go?”

Charlie: “No. I’m not from here so I left my suit at home. :(”

Turns out Charlie was from Halifax, NS and had come into town for the weekend to watch the big NFL game.

Me: “Geesh. You should carry your suit with you everywhere – especially for important times like this.”

Charlie: “Haha. Didn’t know I was gonna meet my dream girl up here!”

Me: “When do you go back to Halifax? Maybe I can convince you to stay longer. After all, we’ll be married as of 8pm so it’s not entirely your choice whether you get to leave. ;)”

Charlie: “Well of course I’m not going to be leaving now! The plan WAS to fly out Monday morning.”

Charlie and I continued this playful marriage banter for the next ten minutes. I learned he was an engineer and loved sports.

Me: “What’s going to happen with your job now that you’re moving to Toronto?”

Charlie: “It’s going to be tough on me. But, love, nothing you can do about that.” (How cute!)

Me: *blush face*

I discovered he was staying with his cousin downtown on the street I worked off of! All joking aside, I was feeling a bit sad that he had to leave Monday morning as I thought he may actually be fun to get to know in person.

We proceeded to add each other on SnapChat, and then started sending a few harmless pictures back and forth. The first picture Charlie sent me was of him holding out his hand. He had drawn a ring inside of it. Of course, I responded with a picture of me grinning, pointing to a similar drawing of a ring on my finger.

I said to him that realistically if our city hall plans didn’t work out for last night, perhaps we could quickly exchange vows Monday morning before I had to go to work. Unfortunately, his plane was taking off at 7am and I knew there was no possible way I could get downtown for 5:30am from the suburbs. I could barely get out of bed for that time. The other option was to meet him tonight, but I already had plans.

He texted me a picture from the NFL game today and we wrote a bit more back and forth. Just moments ago…

Charlie: “Does this mean we are postponing the wedding or you’re gonna go without a bachelorette party?”

Unfortunately for Charlie, as fast and furious as our Tinder relationship went, I really don’t know if it will work with the distance. It’s really too bad he lives so far away. It was a short love affair, but certainly one that I won’t forget.


One thought on “The Quick and Torrid Love Affair

  1. Wow, it looked like something could have really happened (and by something i mean a strong connection), too bad for the distance. I hate long distance relationships.

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