9 thoughts on “He Confessed to Liking ‘The Bachelor’

  1. While I do agree that immediate “spark” is important, sometimes it takes a little more exposure to feel it. (After all, I just said “Thanks but no” to a really sweet guy earlier in the week because I didn’t feel that “spark.” My dude lives about 2 1/2 hours away, and a long distance relationship with someone I didn’t have chemistry would be a waste his and my time.

    It does sound like you have a lot in common, and something could develop. Give him one more try.

  2. “I found this so refreshing as a lot of guys tend to prolong the online conversation and take forever to initiate the first face-to-face meeting”. See, this is what drove me berserk about online dating. It didn’t matter whether I talked to a girl for three days or three weeks, or even if she dropped hints about meeting – because as soon I suggested meeting, the conversation would end and she would drop off the face of the earth and I’d never hear from her again. Every single time. So eventually I figured that maybe that was the wrong thing to say? I don’t know if other guys have this same problem, but if they do it would certainly explain why they take forever to initiate a face-to-face.

  3. When I met the love of my life, I didn’t fall in love with him or even really felt an attraction the first meeting. Honestly, if we went for coffee one time or went on one date, we probably wouldn’t be together. One coffee date does not amount to him as a whole. I really think you need to give him more of a chance before deciding whether or not you are really attracted to them. After we met casually a couple of times, I realized how absolutely amazing he was inside and out. And it just all clicked in. I am extremely in love with him in every way possible!

  4. I tend to ask for an outing after enough “text” has been swapped. If our messages are relatively longer, then I’ll ask after maybe the third or fourth. If they’re shorter, I’ll let it ride a little longer and then ask.

    I say give him another shot. Why not? If you’ve got the time and you’re unsure, give it one more try to see if the second one changes your mind.

  5. Just bare in mind that this is probably what the guys you feel you had an amazing date with feel about you. And how you feel confused and wanting a response, he will want one too

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