Tinder P.2: Another One Bites the Dust

As promised, I’d follow up on my Tinder experiment. For those of you who didn’t read my last post, Tinder is an app for the iPhone which allows you to ‘hot or not’ local singles and if you get a match, you’d enter into a private chat with them. Most of the conversations I had were short, sweet and purely entertaining. I was ready to call it quits after the first two hours of downloading it until I started talking to my match, Cory (see last blog post).

The evening had rolled around and Cory still hadn’t called to follow up on our conversation from earlier. I had been looking forward to it as he made himself out to be a genuinely nice guy. Plus, we had mutual friends who I liked so there were definitely a lot of positives that made me hopeful about him. I waited that night as he was supposed to confirm making plans to go mini-putting the next day. I figured that maybe he just ended up going out with his buddies as it was a Saturday night so I went to bed thinking he’d probably send me a message early the next day.

I ended up sleeping in on Sunday. When I woke up, I checked my phone and I had no missed calls or texts from him. At that point I felt like something was up. Still, I stopped myself from messaging him as he said he would write to me.

Two days passed and still nothing. I was pretty shocked. Well, to be honest I half expected it to happen as I figured the majority of people don’t take the app seriously. It’s just more of a game / time waster. However I just felt there could be something there. So after the two days had passed I texted him and asked if everything was okay as I hadn’t heard from him. He still had me on Facebook so I just had no clue what was going on. Later that day I still got no response.

Perhaps he asked one of our mutual friends about me and they said something to turn him off. Maybe one of his friends simply just said to him it was way too sketchy to be thinking about meeting up with a girl from Tinder. Ultimately though, if he was swayed by his friends to stop talking to me, then I don’t need someone like that in my life. I ended up just deleting him off Facebook.

Another one bites the dust.

I keep asking the age old question: What’s wrong with me.

My girlfriends keep saying to me I need to ask myself more: What’s wrong with him. I did nothing wrong. He was the one who was so eager to give me his cell number and ask me out. Yet still I feel like I’m the one who did something wrong.

I’m still chasing after the wrong guys and I’m trying to veer away from that. How do you tell the bad from the good? Can’t I get a mixture of both?


13 thoughts on “Tinder P.2: Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Your friends are right. It isn’t your problem…it’s HIS. One of the best things you can do is stand up straight, put on your prettiest smile, and be confident (that’s the sexiest thing a woman can do). There are several Mr. Right’s out there for you. You just haven’t met him yet.

  2. Chin up girl! There is nothing wrong with you and you are doing everything right. There’s a ton of guys out there who are wrong for you, and only a few that are right. Most of the “wrong ones” just don’t have the fortitude to get out of situations like deciding not to meet with you with grace and decency. Forgive them, for they know not better. But it is a gift, cos you don’t need to waste a minute more of your precious time on them. Just keep kissing frogs…the right guy is out there, and he will reveal himself to you in due course.

  3. One of my biggest pet peeves, when someone says they will contact you to make plans and they don’t. Dating is like any sport, the more practice you get the better you become. At one point you’ll get a grand slam, but until then a lot of strikes.

  4. It is the age old question isn’t it, when will I have Mr Right? Unfortunetly, some people are just not that serious, and I know from experience a lot of them seem to be on dating sites/apps. Don’t let these experiences question yourself though, they are just that, experiences. Good luck!

  5. The ones closest to you are saying you are not to blame. Accept it, maybe there are a few better choices. I have let go of good guys and picked the wrong ones, hopefully keep moving forward and learn more. I am still learning so what do I know? Smiles, Robin

  6. Hey! I just saw your posts now. Sorry about what happened with Cory! I’ve had a few matches on Tinder that haven’t ended up working out; you are right- not many people take the app seriously. It may not be the most effective way to find someone, however it does help with confidence and is a quick way to online date. If you decide to continue using the app, let us know how it works out! :-)

    • Thanks again for telling me about the app! I completely agree with what you’re saying about it. There are definitely benefits to trying it out at least once. Oh, and I’d love for you to take a look at the latest post I just wrote. Gotta love Tinder!

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