5 thoughts on “Creating My Own Closure

  1. I’ve been through something similar with “Seeing Red”. Not only was I hurt and angry that she wouldn’t give me a chance based on BS other people (who hardly know me) made up about me, but then I recently found out that now she’s going out with some guy. I couldn’t stop thinking “that could have been me… that *should* have been me!…” It took me a while but I hardly even think of it anymore.

    But wait a minute… you’re still Facebook friends with this guy?

    • Thanks for sharing. I totally get it. It’s frustrating, confusing and upsetting all at once. Ultimately, we both deserve much better.

      No – he actually deleted me off Facebook when I texted him a few days after our date. I just saw on my news feed the other day that my friend from high school (who I still had on Facebook) recently added him. Was hard to see, but I just have to stay positive and not let the whole situation get to me!!

  2. I know I’m just catching up, but YOU didn’t do anything wrong. He is an immature jerk who doesn’t DESERVE you. And, as much as I hate to say it, a lot of guys will just “ghost” on you after what seemed to be a successful date. In fact, it just happened to me this week. So, stop beating yourself up, stand up straight and be confident. That’s what any guy wants in a woman.

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