The Mercedes was a Rental?

Yesterday I was on such a high from my hot chocolate date on Sunday. I saw Business boy was on Facebook chat in the evening but I decided not to message him. I presumed he wanted to wait a bit longer before messaging me. Today has been quite the emotional roller coaster. By this afternoon, it had almost been 48 hours since we had seen each other and still no message from him. I started questioning everything. Did he not find me attractive? Was I too sweet for him? Did he not feel the same connection I did?

On Sunday when I got home from my date, I had told one of my best friends in Germany how amazing I felt it went. We Skyped this afternoon and I told her how I was feeling confused as to where his head was at. Part of me wanted to write to see how he was doing, and also to tell him what a small world it was that my dad and his parents may have gone to University together. The other part of me wanted to wait for him to write to make sure he was genuinely interested in getting to know me more. I agreed with her that he could just be shy and was waiting for me to write to him. I mean, he seemed pretty confident when I met him, but maybe it was too old fashioned of me to think that the guy should always be the one to take the next step. So I bravely composed a text message to him at 3:48 pm:

Hey! How are you? This is kind of a small world but I think my dad and your parents may have gone to University together.

I figured he wouldn’t respond til he finished work so I continued Skyping with my friend and then watched some television to distract myself. The hours ticked by and still nothing. I had dinner around 6:30 pm and afterwards I thought I’d check to see if he had been on Facebook recently. I typed in his name and when I clicked to his page all I saw was ‘Add as a friend’. My jaw literally dropped. I felt numb and couldn’t contain my emotions.

I began over analyzing everything. Was this guy feeding me a load of shit on Sunday? Was there any truth to what he made me believe we had in common? The tears kept flowing and I couldn’t make sense of why he would just drop me like that without any explanation. More questions continued popping into my head. Maybe he thought I was a stalker. Though I thought he would find that small world story so cool? Maybe I should have waited and instead completely blew my shot with him.

After having taken a few hours to calm down and decide what to do, it became very clear to me this guy owed me an explanation. At the very least to say the attraction wasn’t there on his end. I just couldn’t believe he would delete me and ignore my message as if I didn’t ever exist and we never met up. I wrote again at 8:15 pm:

So you delete me off Facebook and I don’t even get an explanation? Wow. I really thought you were different. Can you at least tell me what was so bad that I deserved that?

11:30 pm and still no response. You know what – I think I got my closure. This guy was obviously not who I thought he was. I mean, he didn’t have to give me a ride home if he wasn’t interested. Then to drop me out of the blue with no explanation? I don’t deserve that.

So I felt pretty down tonight. Dumb-founded and completely caught off guard. Going from an extreme high to low. Self-conscious and upset with myself for believing he would be different.

As for continuing my search online: I think I’m going to take a break for a little bit. Don’t worry though, there will definitely be more stories to report without a doubt. I’ll just find them in places I’d least expect to.

Do you have any theories to what could of happened with him?


30 thoughts on “The Mercedes was a Rental?

  1. I think I may share the same theory: perhaps he was afraid that if your dad and his parents start talking, it’ll get back to you that he was pretending to be someone he’s not. Who knows? People are weird.

    • Hey. Not sure why he deleted u off facebook but he clearly isn’t someone u would want to know if he would do such a thing. I think its a good idea to let nature take its course and stop the internet dating for a while. Try maybe going to social events where there r singles and have the same interests as u. Look up on the internet where there could be a a social single event or try going to a pub on the weekend with a friend, lots ocute guys there. Good luck. I know u will find ur prince charming when u r least expecting it!

  2. It has happened to all of us. And apparently a guy saying I want to see you again is just what they say no matter. A guy friend of mine says that when he is really into you …you will hear back quick, because they cant get you out of their head. :) Love the blog!

  3. Wow, that really sucks. :( But look at the bright side. Better things end with this guy now rather than later.

  4. most guys are like three year olds and would rather ignore you until you go away rather than man up and have a conversation. also, he’s an asshat

    • Hahah. Thanks for sharing! Yeah – I was actually quite surprised that a guy only a year older than myself was such a gentleman and seemed genuinely honest. Not that those guys don’t exist, but this one just didn’t end up being who I thought he was.

  5. So sorry it ended this way, but I agree with you..sounds like a good time to take a break. It is so frustrating meeting someone on line and then not knowing where you stand, especially when the date you thought went so well. AAGH men.. why do they spoil everything!!

  6. It’s such a strange thing, this dating game. No telling what plethora of things could have caused him to delete you. I had a similar situation with a woman a few months back. We ended up cuddling and making out at my place. She told me how I was the first guy she’d kissed in a long time who made her feel butterflies, or that she wanted to kiss again, etc, etc. I was totally digging her too…and then she never called me again. :-(

  7. Lol haha. My mouth actually dropped open when I read he deleted you. Then I laughed for ten mins. Haha . laugh or cry right?? Lol that was actually hilare. You made my day x

  8. Ugh that sucks so bad and I literally feel your pain!!! Similar things have happened to me – its so strange how sometimes we think something went sooo well and the other person does not feel the same – or vice versa!

    If he’s that big of a dick then you don’t want him anway. He showed his true colors.

    Love Handles and Lipstick

  9. There’s a great dating app called Tinder that I think you’d like. I got it about two weeks ago, and the whole concept of it is very interesting. If you want to know more about it, Google ‘Tinder’ and there are several descriptions of the app that you can read. I’d write out what it’s all about but there is a lot to say so I think you’d get more out of reading one of Google’s recommendations. Let me know what you think if you decide to try it :)

    • Thanks for sharing this! I have heard of the app – just need to get my hands on an iPhone/iPad to try it out. I feel as if that may be my graduation gift in a few weeks. Perhaps there will be a blog post on that! How has your experience been so far on it?

      • Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! I think Tinder is a very smart concept, plus it’s mobile which is great. I’m not looking for anything too serious at the moment, so i’m enjoying just chatting with the people i’ve “liked” and getting to know them. But I must say i’ve been addicted to Tinder since I downloaded it, definitely blog about it once you try it!

  10. Here’s how I approach these kind of situations: first, I keep expectations very low for quite a while. Otherwise it’s a total roller coaster. And second, I just keep reminding myself that it’s probably not about me. I went out with one guy a couple of times and it seemed like things were going well, and then he texted me to say he just “wasn’t feeling it.” I ran into him a couple of months later and he told me that just after he met me, he’d reconnected with an old girlfriend. A good reminder that I’m just fine, thank you very much :) Hang in there!

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