Twenty Two Geese Later.

About a week ago, I stumbled across a guy’s profile on POF. He lived about an hour away which wasn’t too bad, had an extremely boy-ish quality about him in his pictures, and sounded down to earth from his description. The only red flag was that he was really into outdoorsy activities and so I wasn’t sure how compatible we’d be. Don’t get me wrong I like being outdoors… but preferably at a beach with a strawberry daiquiri in hand.

We ended up corresponding back and forth a few times on the site and he seemed genuinely interested in finding a girl to be with long term which was refreshing compared to a lot of guys I’ve recently gotten to know. He did make it clear how he lives and breathes being outdoors. So the probability of us ending up together was still on the fence, but I was still interested to see where our conversation would go.

We ended up moving our conversation to Facebook (Limited Profile settings in place). I know some of you may think it’s crazy of me to add someone I barely know on Facebook. However, I feel as though it’s a great way to see how they talk to their friends and the type of language they use. Of course ideally you wouldn’t come across anything shocking, and if anything, what you’d see would get you more excited to get to know the other person better.

I hate the term ‘stalking’ but I casually perused his profile pictures and came across some pictures of him in a camouflage suit holding a gun. This immediately raised another reg flag so I asked him what that was about. He told me he hunts… frequently. I was a bit caught off guard. Out of all my online experiences to date, I hadn’t yet communicated with a guy who hunted.

This past Sunday he sent me a text message asking me how I was doing. I mentioned I had developed a bad cold and he responded:

Awww! Just tired. Hunted hard all weekend.

Me: Oh. What did you hunt?

22 geese! (Attaches pictures of him and his friend kneeling behind a row of 22 dead geese… which I’m not going to post to avoid traumatizing any of my readers).

Me: What did you do with them afterwards? :(

Eat em. Why.

Me: Just wondering.

Oh ya. What did you do this weekend?

I never responded as I was unsure what to do with this guy. So many questions were running through my mind. I didn’t want to judge him for hunting, but it definitely wasn’t something I was used to hearing about. Twenty two geese?! Isn’t that a lot? I felt bad for the geese. Do people eat geese? I couldn’t take all the geese questions running through my head and wanted all of it to just fly away.

Wednesday he writes again:


This morning he writes again:


I had thought hard about what to do and concluded it was better I didn’t continue talking to him. I felt like the two of us had very different interests and it would never work out in the end. However, I didn’t want to come across rude. I responded with:

Hey. To be honest you seem like a really nice guy but I think our interests are pretty different so I just don’t think it would work out in the end. :(

He responds:

Ahaha so we can’t be friends? Aha.

Just as I’m about to respond, he writes again:

Never mind. You know what. Fuck it. You shouldn’t have a chance to enjoy me. Ahaha. See ya.

Seconds later I saw he beat me to the punch deleting me off Facebook.

I’d love to hear each of your takes on this story.


35 thoughts on “Twenty Two Geese Later.

  1. Hmm, it’s too bad he didn’t ask for more details, but if that is how he is going to react before finding out everything then his loss really. It sounds like besides his outdoors activity you two got a long pretty well. Oh well such is life. :?

  2. Ha, ha, ha…that’s excellent. I spent 2 years living in rural Alaska. They hunt and eat everything, particularly moose (yummy), caribou, bear, muskrat, lynx, bobcat….I’m not much into hunting (did learn how to shoot bow, and became certified to teach it), but I dated two women who were. Just never really struck me as a deal breaker. Sorry it didn’t work out.

    • Oh, I find eating all these animals so foreign to me – especially since I’m a picky eater. I’m sure it was an amazing experience living in rural Alaska for 2 years! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can’t believe he said that. You were being straight up with him. He should be glad and relieved that you didn’t lead him on or anything. You’re way better off without that bub. He sounds conceited with an attitude issue.

    • Thanks Audrey. From reading all the comments in this thread I do agree I could have responded a bit differently. However, I was still caught off guard by his reaction and am happy to move onto the next.

  4. sometimes we don’t realize something is a deal breaker until it comes up. Now you know that a guy hunting is probably not something you want to deal with on a regular basis.

    I don’t think you should have taken so long to respond…which may be why he came off so quick to the punch line.

    It is what it is though. Take it as a learning experience. You now know you don’t want a hunting man in your life! haha

  5. I think you should have broken the ice and said “I’ve never dated someone who hunts before. I’m not sure how I feel about that.” Or said anything really! Saying anything would have been better than nothing! As it is you were cold to him and it screamed “not interested”. Hunting might be a deal killer for you, and I appreciate that. But if it is something you don’t know about that is a great conversation starter!

    Second, you were jumping to conclusions deciding that you don’t have similar interest. From what I can tell you don’t know enough about each other to determine if you have similar interest or not. You should have gotten some information before making that decision. You saw dead geese and were done.You should have told him what you did that weekend at least before jumping to conclusions.

    March 25 starts friend-zone week on the Smooth Reentry blog. The goose hunter did a good job of avoiding it. Good for him.

    • Thanks for your insight. In my defense, throughout our texting back and forth – I would sometimes ask him a question and he wouldn’t respond. So I didn’t think anything of it. However, you’re right. That doesn’t excuse me for ignoring him. I just needed some time to figure out what I wanted to do.

      As for jumping to conclusions. Again, you’re right in that it was a bit premature in saying that. I did feel that from what I had gotten to know up until then, there were already several things that we didn’t see eye to eye on. Hence it probably being for the better we left things and moved onto to the next.

  6. Some things are acceptable to some people, some are not. I don’t think I could date a guy who hunts, because I don’t like it, but people are free to do their own choices. Same way I couldn’t date someone who smokes. And you’re free to not be around them as well :)
    I don’t know his age or maturity level, but his response was uncalled for, in my opinion… but anyways, plenty of fish in the sea, right?

  7. He sure sounded pretty butthurt about the whole thing. He’s got a pretty sizable ego. He needs to be able to understand things from someone else’s perspective and be a man about it. Not a fucking boy.

  8. WOWOWOW. That is exactly why it’s really hard to tell someone the truth and let them down gently, they turn into an asshole like that.

    I’ve dated A LOT online and I used to ignore little, tiny red flags like that, but then I would find out they would become huge problems. It was really nice of you to tell him what was going on, and his true colors really came out.

    22 geese? Were they feeding a village? How do you even eat all of that? I could see like maybe 5 of them.

    Oh, the things we do for dating…

  9. hahahaha WOW. what an idiot. I WILL say though… California is currently having a huge over population of geese and they’re asking people to shoot them in certain areas… can you believe that?! I ONLY know this because my boss took two days off to do so…. totally not weird (?)

    ….a little weird….


  10. At first hand his response seems full of jerkish qualities, but his feelings might of been hurt. It sucks having a connection with someone pretty quickly when sending messages to only see it die off before you get a chance to meet in person. Dont get me wrong you did the right thing, but his feelings were probably a bit hurt. Either way you handled it correctly, I think. I couldn’t date someone who was a hunter, just one of those things.

  11. Wow… but after he said he ate 22 geese.. I would have said…sorry but my gag reflex was just kicking in, and then told him that a hunting man is not your cup of tea! It would have saved you all of his male angst later on! lol

  12. OMgosh I have to follow you !! I have so many nightmare dating stories.. LOL And a bunch from POF. I am feeling this. Gross he is .. Your way better off. Immature and I think hunting is out dated, primitive and barbaric . Not sure its civilized or even a real sport. Put a man against a man in a show down and I’ll watch that as a sport – YUCK!

    • Agreed – that definitely sounds like my kind of sport to watch as well. Hahah!

      I’ll definitely take another look at your blog. I’m sure we have several nightmare dating story overlaps. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I think you’re very narrow minded and silly. What do you expect him to be into? Embroidery or knitting? He’s a guy! Quit being so judgemental or you’ll never sustain a decent relationship.

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