7pmanywhere… more like 1amwastesometime

Recently I read a post titled The Dating Game by Soon2BeCatLady. I thought I’d start by quoting the beginning of her blog post:

Who knows if it even airs anymore, but I always loved watching “The Dating Game” on TV.  For those who never saw it,  there are 3 guys behind a screen and the girl asks them all questions and at the end of the show, picks one to be her date.

She was informed about a new online dating website, 7pmanywhere, which launched in Australia and has now started opening up to other countries around the world. I thought I’d test it out and see how it compared to other dating sites. How it works is you create your profile and from there select the men you find attractive. As soon as you click their picture they receive notification about it and have 90 seconds to log on to the site. Once three of them have logged on, you are immediately taken into a chat room similar to the dating game show where you ask the three guys several questions and they have a certain allocated amount of time to come up with a response. After several rounds you eliminate one guy and then after a few more you eliminate another. This leaving you with one guy at the very end who you finally get to see a picture of. The three guys apparently don’t even see what you look like prior to starting the chat. So you really have no clue who you are talking to until the big reveal at the end!

It being 1am in the morning, I found that having the time limit got me all pumped up to come up with new, interesting questions. I wasn’t sure whether to take it seriously or not but I was actually getting some pretty normal responses (aside from Contestant #3 who was the first to get eliminated). Because streaking around the block is totally my cup of tea…


I ended up picking Contestant #2 and surprisingly he was very good looking (from the small picture I could see in the upper right corner) once the main chat room closed. So instead of just exiting our private conversation I kept it going for a few minutes without giving away too much about myself. He told me he was a 27 year old high school basketball teacher from Oklahoma. After a few messages back and forth he asked if I had Facebook and I just felt like it wasn’t right to add him. I mean, really, what’s the point when he lives so far away? Also, I really don’t need anymore male pen pals in my life. Another red flag was when I asked him what his Facebook name was, he told me his privacy settings wouldn’t allow for people to find him so better I gave him mine. Shortly after his response I just said I had to run and left it at that.

In summary I found the experience refreshing in the sense that I really got to zone in to what the guys were saying. I could base whether I wanted to get to know them more from their responses than their pictures/description alone. However, I probably wouldn’t go on it again unless they configured it so you could just select from guys in your area. I created an account with the mentality that I was just going to waste some time and see what would come out of it. However, it wasn’t just a waste of time. It ended up providing me with some insight that I’ll take note of when getting to know other guys that enter my life.


6 thoughts on “7pmanywhere… more like 1amwastesometime

  1. Actually sounds like a fun site. I’m pretty sure I would’ve been the second to go, since one of the highlights of my summer is the Naked Bike Ride. :-)

  2. The point in me sharing is that in order for it to be successful, people need to get on there and be okay wasting some time until enough people know about it, so they are legit your age and in your area.
    I think it has potential – and so far, not nearly as many freaks. =)

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