Speed Dating vs Online Dating

I got interested to participate in a speed dating event after reading Deb’s blog post about her experience which you can read by clicking here. Like Deb, it’s been on my dating adventure bucket list and I’m sure it would make for an interesting blog post if nothing else.

Yesterday I got a Facebook invitation to attend a local Speed Dating event put on by Hillel (a Jewish organization that students can join through different schools across the world). Not that I’m a super religious girl, but I thought going would make for a fun and interesting experience. I called my girlfriend and told her that we could pick up nice Jewish boys to bring home to our parents. We couldn’t stop laughing as we imagined different case scenarios but figured why not! It could be a total bust and we may be the only two there along with one awkward, quiet guy waiting in the corner of the room… but it could also be the extreme opposite. Of course we knew not to get our hopes up too high but just to sign up knowing we’d go into it with an open mind and as a fun, casual evening.

If you think about it, speed dating is kind of like online dating in the sense that you are still getting to know the other person through asking them a set of questions. The only main difference is that instead of asking them preliminary questions prior to meeting, the in person meeting happens right away. That means you can’t spent 20 minutes coming up with the perfect response, or playing the game where you wait a few hours or even a day or two prior to responding so you don’t appear too eager. With online dating there is never a 100% guarantee that the pictures attached to the description is real whereas in person what you see is what you get.

So maybe speed dating is better. Of course I’ll be a bit self-conscious of what I should say or how to act, but I’ll try to be myself as much as possible. That means they probably won’t see me stop smiling, I’ll be a bit awkward and play with my watch if I find their conversation too boring and I’ll probably ask them right off the bat if they are allergic to cats (because if they are that’s a huge deal breaker).

Anyway the speed dating event is happening in two weeks and I’m looking forward to it.

Has anyone else participated in an event like this? Or maybe heard about an experience from one of your friends?


17 thoughts on “Speed Dating vs Online Dating

  1. I’ve gone speed dating three times, and each time got at least two dates out of it. After my most recent speed dating night, I dated one of the guys for six months. Clearly, I haven’t returned to speed dating since he broke my heart, but I’d recommend it to everyone else (the speed dating, not the heard breaking) (:

    • Thanks for sharing. That’s great to hear it can be successful and perhaps even turn into something long term! Sorry to hear that he broke your heart. That must of been difficult after having been together for such a long period of time. Hopefully ‘the one’ you are meant to be with will enter into your life soon!

  2. I haven’t done the whole speed dating thing yet, but I’m interested to try. I mean, why not, right? :)

    • Great post!! Sorry it didn’t work out with any of them. I definitely want at least one Ricardo and Omar hahah. Praying I get over my cold by Monday – which is funny since you were also getting over yours when you went. Hopefully my nose won’t act up by then! ;P

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