Why Real Men Should Do High Tea

As of yesterday I can officially say I’m 21. That means everywhere around the world I can drink, gamble and go to clubs/bars. However, Vegas can wait. I stuck to having a fun day with my family. They had told me I was receiving a surprise birthday gift which would be an experience I would never forget. Excited and full of anticipation we pulled up to the mystery destination, I opened my eyes, and there it was; The King Edward Hotel in Toronto! They then told me we were going to be having High Tea.

I had been wanting to do this for years and it was surreal to finally be there. You could see beautiful chandeliers everywhere you turned and the ceilings were so high and ornate. Waiting patiently for our reservation, we were finally guided into the High Tea room which was exquisite.

We were one of the first to enter into the room and we were immediately greeted with at least a dozen teas to choose from. I settled on English Breakfast and within minutes a hot tea pot arrived. We poured the tea into a special sieve like spoon which stopped the tea leaves from entering into the cup. Over the next hour and a half we laughed, raising our pinkies in the air while sipping our tea, eating our scones with devonshire cream, cakes and bite size sandwiches. My dad then posed the question ‘does it mean I’m not a real man if I like this sort of thing?’ Looking around the room half way through our delectable treats and tea, the room had filled up and about 90% of the tables were comprised of women. Still, there were a few men and we replied, ‘of course not’. In fact, I’m sure there are lots of men who like to indulge in certain experiences — fine food dining being one of them. Also, who on this earth doesn’t want to be treated like royalty to a King’s Tea, even if it is only for a short time span?

My family has vowed to make it a tradition to go around the same time every year for High Tea. I’m hopeful that next year, I’ll have that special someone in my life to bring with as well.


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