What a Charmer

Last week, I had started talking to a guy I found online and there was an immediate connection. Asides from being incredibly good looking he spoke very maturely through his writing and I was impressed with regards to how ambitious he was. What was so refreshing was after a few correspondences back and forth the initial night we talked, he asked if I’d like to meet for coffee. I explained I wanted to get to know him a bit more first but I would love to meet up with him in person soon.

From there we exchanged phone numbers and talked on the phone several times throughout the week. Another refreshing thing about him… he told me he wasn’t a fan of texting and much preferred talking on the phone as it was easier to get a fluid conversation going. At that point I was thinking to myself, is this guy too good to be true? I really find it rare nowadays for a guy my age to be so willing to talk on the phone vs preferring to hide behind their technology. I told myself no silly, it’s rare but guys like that do exist and I should meet him and see how the dynamics are face to face.

By our third conversation, I felt my feelings already growing for him despite not even having met. At that point I knew I was ready to meet him face to face before my feelings grew any stronger, so we set a date to meet for dinner… which was for tonight.

Although I knew he didn’t like to text, I thought I would send him one yesterday to confirm our dinner plans for tonight. He asked if we could change the time from 4 to 6PM which I was fine with and at that point plans were set in stone and I was feeling pre-butterflies in my stomach. I knew not to get my hopes up too high but I just had a good feeling and wished the time sped faster to head to the restaurant.

As today I had a day off from classes, I decided to primp myself for the evening. As I was in the middle of painting my nails, I heard my phone buzz and once my nails had dried with one hand I turned on my cell phone and his name appeared. I opened the message and he said:

I won’t be able to make it this evening. I’m so sorry about the short notice – something related to work that is really crucial got pushed up by a week. Again, please accept my apology for the last minute nature of this.

I read over the message several times and of course I was disappointed that he let me down several hours prior to meeting. I wrote back stating ‘that’s disappointing’ and left it at that. I thought he should feel bad and I didn’t want to let him off the hook for that. I felt he at least deserved to suggest another day that would work. The response I got back was even more shocking. He stated that he genuinely liked me but he felt to be honest, he wasn’t ready to date or be in a relationship. That it was too busy to balance seeing someone with school and work. I couldn’t believe he was telling me all of this after having led me along for a whole week. Despite the short time, we had talked so much and I felt he at least owed me one date. I simply wrote back saying:

Well… I’m grateful you told me ahead of time but you should get your act together before you lead a girl on next time.

No response.

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?


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