The Summer Untouchables

Every year my family goes to a resort which takes no more than an hour and a half to get there by car. We go for a number of reasons. 1) It’s a great family bonding experience. 2) Buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner is heaven. 3) The entire sports staff are approximately my age and they each look like they could be abercrombie models.

Well bullet 3 should have been bullet 1 as my cousin and I couldn’t get over how good looking they were and for the majority of our trip stayed in the extreme sports area to talk/flirt with them with our little fantasy clouds hovering over us grinning ear to ear.

Half way through the trip we dubbed them the untouchables. Why? We figured with a combination of incredibly good looks and their natural flirtatiousness, what was stopping them from having that effect on all the girls who drooled over them throughout the entire summer? A lot of these guys work there to be outdoors everyday, party and hookup. Now I don’t want to make that assumption for each of them but living somewhat further away from the resort, I knew nothing serious would happen with any of them. When I asked my younger cousin what she though I got a reply “I’d hookup with one of them”. Why? “They are so hot!” I pondered whether they appeared “hot” simply because they were or if it was because we were contained in this magical resort where everything appeared delicious, scrumptious and almost too good to be true.

I feel whenever I go to a resort I’m away in a fantasy world that thrills me for 5 days and then I go back to reality when home. Since it was my cousins first dose of it she still can’t fathom the fact that the sports staff won’t be in her eyes view until next summer. I explained to her it’s definitely a clever marketing tactic on the resort’s part to keep guests returning!


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