Is the Subway (TTC) the New Matchmaking Service?

I was on the subway this morning en route to my summer class and observed across from me there was a woman who appeared in her late 20s, petite and dressed casually, who sat with her hands clutching onto the purse in her lap. She herself was in the midst of observing her environment cautiously. A few stops later on the subway line, a man who appeared also in his late 20s/ early 30s walked on and looked around to find a place to sit. He appeared tall, built and also dressed casually. He eyed the spot next to her but prior to sitting he noticed her, and both of their eyes met each other. He gave her a crooked smile and I didn’t notice whether she smiled back, but he then went to sit next to her.

For the next few subway stops they would casually catch a glance at the other. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help myself. It appeared like a perfect love story and I wanted to see how it would play out. You could tell the woman was trying to concoct a plan in her head to talk to him, but all she could think of was the continuous pattern of glances. I was hopeful their glances would lead to something more. After those few subway stops had passed, the man stood up and moved his bag over to where the doors open to let passengers out. So now he stood on the other side of her. As the subway continued to move, he bent down to purposely take longer than usual to fumble through the papers in his bag, as his body was purposely positioned to view her side, and he continued looking up every few seconds. I could tell she was trying to catch his glance in the corner of her eye several times. She took out her mirror and played with her hair a bit which caught his attention, but by the time she looked over, he was standing up again looking over a paper he ultimately pulled out of his bag.

You could tell she appeared disappointed and lost at what to do. Two stops later, the man picked up his bag and exited the subway. She of course noticed and the disappointment that crossed her face was much more evident and I couldn’t help but feel bad for her.

On my way home, there was an incredibly cute guy who was reading a novel and was wearing a business suit — which as you may have read in a previous blog post, I give out bonus points to intellects. I felt in the same predicament as her. “He’s so bloody cute, but how do I start up a conversation?” Better yet… “is it appropriate to try and pursue someone on the subway of all places?”

What are your thoughts? Should either the man or woman on the subway have been bold and given each other their phone numbers? Is the subway an inappropriate place to pick up someone? Or is it just the opposite… do you think it could actually be the perfect place to introduce yourself if you get some sort of vibe or positive feeling?


One thought on “Is the Subway (TTC) the New Matchmaking Service?

  1. I think it could be a pretty safe environment if the vibe is right – and you have the confidence to trust your instincts. The uncertainty of whether the other person is interested, not to mention available, is a tough thing to conquer for some.

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