Intellectual Guys are the Best Cure for Morning Zombie Girls

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6am to catch the bus for 7am to make my class for 8:30am. SO I was a zombie. A) From only getting 5 hours of sleep. B) The makeup I forgot to take off last night added to the overall zombie aesthetic (of course, I took it off before leaving). However, I looked just as much a zombie with my nude, makeup-less face.

Anyway, I went to sit on the TTC train still focused on my zombie-like persona when a guy walks in and sits across from me. I then got all self conscious thinking – why today of all days do I look this way?! He interrupted my negative thoughts by pulling out a novel and began reading. As I gazed at him in a completely non stalker-ish way, all my negative thoughts slowly disappeared until I arrived at a state of ease and comfort. A) Knowing that I wouldn’t be judged and that B) he just looked so content reading which made me feel content.

So I’ve learned (and I can’t speak for all of you) that I find a guy who reads on the subway – or any form of transportation for that matter extremely attractive. Instinctively you may think it’s just the allure of wanting him to look up to see you (which I did and at the same time did not want him to do). Then you think about how rare it is to see a guy reading a book versus blasting his IPod music, swearing to look and sound ‘cool’ next to his buddies, or wearing pants that are drooped all the way down below his knees so you can fully see his boxers. In that case, why even wear pants?

Point of the matter is that it’s refreshing. I personally associate guys who read with being intellectual, having strong core values and as being overall genuinely nice. Again, this isn’t the case with all guys. However, girls – don’t be afraid to tap the guy on his shoulder and say something like ‘a guy who likes to read… refreshing!’ Or maybe not those words exactly, but you get what I’m trying to say. If you catch a glimpse of what he’s reading you can try commenting on that. Or simply just wait until he looks up to catch his eye and smile. Guys – this ones simple. Start reading more on the subway and bus! Maybe look up every now and then in case a girl takes interest in you.

I plan on putting these words of wisdom into action next time it happens. Guys and girls – any turn ons you’ve learned from your daily commute?


One thought on “Intellectual Guys are the Best Cure for Morning Zombie Girls

  1. I fully agree, there’s just something about a guy that’s reading quietly…gives off an intelligent vibe which is def a quality trait to have in the long-run.

    Another turn-on is when a guy offers his seat up for the elderly, disabled or kids. The subway/bus during rush hour can turn any well mannered person into a chaotic mess, but if a guy can still keep his cool and be courteous…bonus points right there.

    Great post!

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