What’s a girl to do in order to find a nice guy?

So a really good friend and I (who is one of the few remaining singles other than myself that I know) decided to go bar hopping last night in my area. There were no high expectations set other than to have a good time and hopefully have some nice eye candy.

I think the problem for us was we started our mission really early. The first bar we went to we got there at 8:45pm. Hardly anyone was there other than a group of what looked like 40 year olds with bald spots and sketchy biker jackets. There was also a group of young adults who looked about our age but they were all hovered around a table ordering drinks. So my friend and I ordered drinks ourselves and were anticipatingly awaiting the live DJ who would begin at 10. I eyed one of the bartenders who had spiked hair and a red vest. He was cute but I presumed was a bit of a player as all the waitress’s/ female bartenders kept flirting with him and it was obvious he was flirting back. I’m telling you we were laughing with our drinks in hand looking at the one female waitress/ bartender who was only wearing a mini skirt and a bandeau. It was in our opinion completely ridiculous to be wearing this while there was a freezing cold snow storm outside. 9:30 we pay for our drinks and play some air hockey. Only a few more people have trickled in by 10pm, there is no real ‘live DJ’, and the crowd stays pretty sketchy so we decide to venture to bar #2 just down the street.

We show our IDs, walk in and 2 minutes later walk out. I was pretty much disgusted as while the bouncer at the door was checking my ID some older guy who looked in his 40s put his arm around me for a few seconds as he walked through the doors right past the bouncer. We looked around and the crowd was even older than bar #1. So we decided to go back to bar #1. 10:30pm it’s pretty packed and the music is blaring yet the crowd is just not our cup of tea. Not a lot of people our age. So we call it a night.

So we probably didn’t go to the best bars in the area but q – what would people say are the best bars to mingle with other singles in their early to mid 20s in Toronto or any geographic region for that matter? If not a bar – where does an attractive, intelligent gal like myself meet my dream guy? I’m curious.


7 thoughts on “What’s a girl to do in order to find a nice guy?

  1. I have never had success bar hopping… Clubbing–maybe. The quality isn’t that great, but the quantity is high. Especially if you are attractive.
    The best QUALITY guy I’ve met… has been at a grocery store. Call me lame–but during the summer I stopped by the meat section at the grocery store, saw a yummy guy… and couldn’t think of anything better to say other than..”Do you know which cut of steak would be best for grilling today?”..
    And boom.. he was going to teach me how to grill.
    Random tidbit.. Good luck!

    • That’s amazing.. not lame at all! Better yet – what if I just get a summer part-time job at a grocery store in my area? Now that I think about it, not a bad idea!! Good for you for talking to him. I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t act on impulse sometimes, you will probably regret not doing it later on. (Only applies to certain situations of course). If you haven’t already, check out my post ‘What Happens at St. Louis Bar & Grill…’. Now that I think back on it I kind of got cold feet and should have just approached his table versus just passing on a note. Still, I was happy I did something bold and exciting – very out of my comfort zone.

  2. I had the same problem of not being able to meet decent guys because I went to a women’s college for two years.. So I tried online dating (specifically okcupid) and found my current boyfriend that way :) You’d be surprised at the quality of guys that are online but just don’t have the time to “normally” date (mine was in a MD/PhD program).

    Good luck!

    • Hey there! Actually, I have tried out okcupid and ended up meeting someone. We clicked but for some reason communication just faded after awhile. There are definitely some quality guys online. You just need to be careful i.e. I’ve had my fair share of interesting online experience meetups. If you haven’t already, check out my post ‘And then I went shopping…’. I actually met my ex from PofF and we were together for a few months so I definitely believe it works. I’m sure I will have some more posts relating to this subject. I’m happy it worked out for you and your boyfriend!!

      • Oh, thats great! I feel like online dating gives me more control in who I meet and I can kind of get a sense of what they are like as a person before I decide to date them. Not that I have a long list of men I have dated, but yea..

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