S.A.D. Day = Apple Crumble, Ice Cream & A Family Bonding Experience

S.A.D. Day = For those of you who don’t know, yesterday was ‘Singles Awareness Day’. Once again I fell into that category.

So I’m sure all of you were expecting an interesting post yesterday seeing as it was the most lovey dovey holiday for the year (although personally I think it’s a bit overrated). Then again that may also be because I didn’t have that special someone to buy me a pink rose and say those 3 magic words.

So yesterday it was pretty much a work day. I had 1 class and was secretly hoping a guy in my class who I have a slight crush on would possibly ask me out for dinner as class ended at 5:30. Let me tell you this guy is the complete opposite of me personality wise. He’s immature, is obsessed with Japanese culture and has pretty bizarre habits like cracking his knuckles every half hour. Putting all that aside, he’s stunning. When I look in his direction to mouth the words ‘hey’ he responds with a coy facial expression – lifting one of his eyebrows in a sexy way. Anyways, was kinda down as I didn’t even get to take the subway home with him after class, as we usually do with a group of people from school (as he had to get something printed).

So ended off my long day going out with my family to a quaint little deli where I knew I wouldn’t see many ‘lovey-dovey’ public displays of affection. My parents gave me yummy chocolate and ironically both my parents bought me the exact same card independent of one another. Ha! This is why I keep saying to make home made cards…

Anyway I had a great time with my family. I got an amazing dessert (apple crumble with the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever tasted). Hopefully this time next year I will have that ‘lovey-dovey’ feeling for someone and they better get me amazing chocolates and 5 pink roses. Or maybe even a red rose!


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