It’s the Little Things that Make your Day

So I thought I’d share a short and sweet story today.

My friend and I went to our school’s food court for lunch. Once she had grabbed herself a muffin we headed back towards our school for class, when a random stranger taps me at my waist area. He looks in his mid 20s – good looking, dark features, possible European? I see he’s sitting with his friend and when our gazes meet, he says ‘I just wanted to say you’re gorgeous.’

Now of course my over-analytical mindset jumped to conclude he was just a perve who came on to many girls that way. Once I eliminated the pessimistic options, I thought.. Wow. That really made my day. As no matter what his intentions were, he still took notice and reached out to me. It made me feel very positive and changed my mentality from ‘urgh.. I have to sit through another 2 hours of class’ to ‘I’m going to make the most of it.’

So although I’ll probably never meet him again and presume he’ll never read this.. I would like to thank you whoever you are. For adding some positivity and light to my incredibly long and exhausting week.

On a final note – I want to thank all of my loyal readers / new subscribers. Please help get the word out about my blog by passing it along to your friends and family!


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