“The Game” + The Dating Age Gap Follow-up

I understand the ‘game’ is one thing. You know.. when you go out on a date with a guy – you hit it off. Then it’s all about who will contact who first. You keep it casual waiting to hear from the other, but once a day or two has passed and still no response you make the first move. You don’t appear too eager at first – guys and girls both like the chase whether you like it or not.

So I want to update all of you on the 25 year old guy I’ve been talking to. For those who didn’t read ‘the dating age gap’ post – I pretty much have been talking to him for over a week (we’ve been texting – I guess you can go by ‘the game’ standards). We’d wait a few hours in between writing back and forth at first, and as we became more comfortable talking to one another it became less of a game and more of a conversation that got me seriously thinking I was really starting to like him. I’d been wanting to speak on the phone for awhile, but I was waiting for him to make the first call. So it had been 2 days since I last heard from him.. and I suspected something was up. I think for anyone going from talking every day to hearing nothing would raise somewhat of a concern flag. I was planning to write to him tonight when I receive a text message after dinner stating “I’ve been thinking that the age gap between us is too wide. You seem like a sweet and good person, and you deserve better than to have me waste any more of your time.”

He told me he went to a bar last Friday so I presume he may have met someone. Unless he was being truthful – although it doesn’t make sense after having talked for so long knowing each others age at the very beginning. Of course it stings.. especially since I did make an effort to get together over the weekend yet he said he was too busy and suggested maybe the following. Point blank – I really dislike guys who lead girls on like that. ‘The game’ is one thing – but he had known my age for over a week and the fact that he led me on through flirtatious text messaging is unfair. I mean – like him telling me, I wrote on my blog about how I was unsure of the 5 year age gap. I think though it really is about the connection you build with someone. Of course, there should be a cut off – at least at my age.

Now the only thing I can think of is we did add each other on Facebook a few days prior to the weekend. Did he maybe see images that made me appear too young? Was adding him on Facebook a bad move? Personally, I feel you can tell a lot about someone based on how they post their status updates and post on their friends wall etc. OR is it more so not fair for him to prejudge me based on my age when he hasn’t even met up with me. Thoughts?


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