Is blazing hot?

So I am talking to a friend of a friend tonight who lives in Guelph. Pretty far from me and unrealistic to turn into anything really, HOWEVER we decide to Skype.

I learned we had a lot in common. Both somewhat shy/ cautious. Ramble when we are nervous/ don’t know what to say. We are both into nerdy things like designing on the computer, etc. So really, it’s one of those stories lining up where these two people that live far away-ish from each other will end up meeting, fall in love, the end.

Around the beginning of the conversation he asked, ‘Oh by the way, do you blaze?’ I was a little taken aback.. but truthfully said no, I’m not into that scene. I didn’t make an issue of it cos it’s common for my age group to blaze every now and then.

Later in the conversation.. the topic came up again. Not quite sure how, but it did. At that point I asked him how frequently he ‘blazed.’ When I’m talking ‘blazing’ I’m referring to pot.. in case you didn’t know.

He replied, ‘erm.. well.. actually once a day.’ He told me he was trying to stop but a lot of his friends ‘blazed’ so it was difficult.

So here we have to weigh out the pros and cons list.

Pros –
Things in common – check
Cute smile – check

Cons –
Lives far away
‘Blazes’ frequently

So 2 against 2. Now what? As I said at the beginning of this post, Guelph is pretty far away so unlikely we will ever meet. There’s no harm in continuing friendly conversation, but truthfully.. I don’t think I can get past him ‘blazing’ every day. It’s just not my scene. Not to say that is the only deciding factor, but I’d always wonder whether he and I were on the same planet during our conversations.


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