To tame or not to tame a Gr. 3 crush

So last night I go to my aunt’s house for dinner. After we eat, I’m hanging out with my cousin and her friend. The three of us were talking about what exactly we look for in a guy which led to each of us scrolling through our BBM (Blackberry) lists to see if we could find a new perfect match.

I stumble across this guy who for purposes of confidentiality we will call David. I added David the last time I was with my cousin as a joke. She had said to me she was talking to this guy in University who was gorgeous and smart. I looked at his picture and thought he was for sure, but she also told me he was a big partier and just liked to fool around with girls. So I added him to BBM jokingly and we just had a casual conversation. I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere but I was curious. As soon as David asked me to go on Skype (my cousin warned me not too) I backed off and we stopped talking.

Anyway – that was over a few months ago. I stumble across his name again on my list last night. My cousin says ‘Oh, you still talk to..’ and mentions David’s last name. When I heard his last name I said ‘WHAT! That can’t be…’. I had a crush in Gr.3 on a guy with exactly the same name. So I go ahead and write to him and ask if he went to my old elementary school. He says.. yes! I couldn’t believe it..

Anyways we we begin talking more last night. I decide to keep more of an open mind about him. He’s actually really nice and I’m interested… kinda. I still don’t know very much about him. The crazy part is that he totally remembered me.. vaguely but still! I said do you remember (I said my first and last name) and he said yeah. That girl with glasses? Who performed a monologue in the school talent show? I was shocked and excited that he remembered. I said to David that I remembered going to his birthday parties back in Gr. 3.

I was the one to end the conversation last night. I added him on Facebook. Now it’s his turn to make a move.

So the question is.. to tame or not to tame? I only hear from my cousin he is a bad boy. He didn’t even know me the first time we talked and wanted to go on Skype right away. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? It’s just a way to get to know someone more, as long as he doesn’t try to do anything else.

If he writes again I’m open to talking more and seeing where it goes. What do you guys think?


One thought on “To tame or not to tame a Gr. 3 crush

  1. I love your posts so far! Keep them coming! I think you should get to know him. I think when a guy meets a girl he genuinely likes even if he’s a “bad boy,” he will change his ways. I’ve gone through this myself. There’s no harm in trying to get to know him and see if you guys have chemistry. :)

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