Is Bingo World the new pickup spot?

So I went with my mom, best friend and her mom to World Bowl today. We all had our Bingo Daubers ready to dab away. We packed lunches with as we knew it would be a long and intense afternoon. We got there with minutes to spare before the afternoon round of bingo games started. Looked around and realized as usual we were probably the youngest of the bunch but we didn’t care. Our goal was to win the jackpot. So splurged and bought $20 worth of bingo cards for different games.

There was a young guy that looked around our age who was selling the bingo cards. I could tell right off the bat my best friend was smitten. When we sat down she kept staring and I told her to snap out of it. I was trying to explain how to play the bingo games to her but she was half listening to me, and half in la la land.

I looked at him and agreed he was cute. Tall, cute face, nice butt (yeah, I said it!) I asked her why she was so in awe of him. ‘Well, he seems cute and sweet.’ She was convincing herself he was a possible keeper. It’s funny though how we judge a person so quickly by their appearance. We ended up losing all our money, and she never ended up talking to him cos he was busy helping everyone with their cards.

The most hilarious part was that her mother heard what was going on, which led HER MOM to casually approach him and they ACTUALLY STARTED TALKING. We both started laughing, somewhat embarrassed, but more so excited to hear how the conversation went. She arrived back 5 minutes later saying, ‘He’s a nice boy.’ She briefed us the little knowledge she learned about him.

Really, I knew nothing would have happened. We really don’t know anything about him despite how cute and tall he is. I was happy for my friend and we laughed hard over it. It made me think a lot about how we judge people so quickly. Do we just approach someone based on how good looking they are? Isn’t there more to that or is that how our society has learned to base our decisions of who we want to interact with?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I think everyone is shallow to a certain extent. We all look for different things. I don’t think there is anything wrong with spotting out a cute guy or girl and having fun with the thought of what that person may be like. Sometimes it’s okay to live vicariously, just like when I gave my # to the guy at the restaurant. Realistically though, we have to be cautious.


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