What Happens at St. Louis Bar & Grill…

Last night I went with my friends from work to St. Louis Bar & Grill. I work part time at an ad agency in Toronto which is convenient as there are about a million restaurants in walking distance. Despite the cold we ran a few blocks over so it wasn’t bad. We had an amazing dinner there. The food and service was great. We arrived around 5:30 and were finishing up dinner around 7 when all of a sudden these guys start filling up the restaurant and around the bar area. I find out 5 minutes later The Leafs are playing against the Tampa Bays and I’m telling you this restaurant was fully packed.. not that I was complaining!

My friends and I were having great conversation until I was distracted by this one guy who walked in past me and sat at a table directly in front of the one I was at. He sat down with his 2 friends. They ordered wings and beer to prep themselves for the hockey game and of course being the silly girl I am was literally staring at this one guy in awe of how gorgeous he was. In fact.. he looked identical to that new guy Ben from the Bachelor. I pointed him out to my friends and luckily I had a girl and guy with me so I got to hear both perspectives on what they thought. My guy friend shrugged and said casually yeah, I guess he’s okay. My girlfriend said she agreed with me that he was stunning and I should make a move. Being the super shy person that I am, I thought to myself no way…

Except I wouldn’t let myself leave the restaurant. I really don’t have a clue about hockey, but it didn’t matter. I wanted to talk to him but obviously I didn’t just want to go up while his 2 friends were with him. I wasn’t going to tell him he looked just like that guy from the Bachelor, as I’m not sure what you guys think – but he’d probably think it was strange and it’s more than likely he wouldn’t even know who I was talking about. Hence.. I would end up looking like an idiot.

So my friends and I decided to order a drink. I thought it would calm me down but the drink had just the opposite effect on me. Instead I immediately borrowed a pen from my girlfriend and wrote down my # on a clean napkin and added some cute message that went something along the lines of.. ‘it’s a new year, right?’ Ah well now that I’m writing it now it sounds kind of ridiculous but it was an.. in the moment thing. I was shaken not sure what to do with the napkin after I wrote the message on it. I still was no way going up to him. We made eye contact once or twice but I wasn’t even sure if he had a girlfriend.

Ultimately my guy friend suggested I give the napkin to the waitress and she pass it on to him. So that’s exactly what I did. Hah! :S I whispered to her when the bill arrived that firstly I never do anything like this.. WHICH I DON’T. I said to her.. listen. It’s a new year. I think the guy sitting directly in front of me is really cute and could she please give him the napkin I wrote on. She was super sweet about it and wished me luck. I told her NOT to give it until I left the restaurant which she agreed and wished me a happy new year.

So on that note that’s my crazy story #1 of the new year. I guess I can check giving my number to a stranger off my 2012 list. I’m not sure if you guys think it was crazy of me to do. A lot of my friends think it was a bold move. I agree. However, no phone call yet so obviously I’m in paranoid mode right now. He could very well have a girlfriend. His friends could have ripped the napkin up making fun of him for it. There are a number of different outcomes that could have happened. I don’t even know that the napkin even got directly to him.

You know what though.. the point of this is that you have to go for what you want. It’s a new year, and there should be no regrets. Of course I’ll be a little disappointed if I don’t hear from him, but it’s not the end of the world. I’d be more upset with myself if I didn’t give him my #. Wondering what if. So I am proud of myself for doing what I did. Wonder if any of you have been in a similar situation? Or have thought of it?


4 thoughts on “What Happens at St. Louis Bar & Grill…

  1. That’s a great story! And knowing you, I’m shocked you did that!! You go girl!! Who cares if he calls back, you put yourself out there in a new way, in a new year, and you have to give yourself undying credit for that. Remember when I asked a certain someone out in Grade 6 to the dance? You just gotta do it! :) Next time YOU go up to him with the number, not the waitress ;)

  2. Wow!! I can’t believe you did that!! it was a very bold move… sometimes you have to go with your gut without thinking what the outcome would be.

  3. Good for you! I’ve actually been wanting to do this too! I really appreciate your courage about writing about your relationship ups and downs. Preaching to the choir :) I think you might enjoy this blog post I wrote a little while back. http://ktnuw12daysgoneby.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/cant-live-with-them-cant-live-without-them/

    I tend to write about things that happen in my life, whether it be love or school or dreams. But I will definitely come back to read more! Hope you do the same :) Oh! And about the NZ guy, don’t know if it’s resolved, but you should definitely just tell him the truth about how you feel about your “relationship/friendship.”Don’t want him to get the wrong impression.

    • Thanks!! Great post – it’s too bad we all don’t have those internal wrist timers huh? I’ll definitely check out that movie. The whole waiting process can be frustrating but we’ll both meet that ‘special someone’ eventually! Ahhh yes NZ guy I still talk to.. but very infrequently. I made it clear in the nicest words possible I wasn’t interested in anything romantic with him. I could tell from his response he was upset but understood. Follow my blog to get more frequent updates! I’m following yours. Look forward to your next post!

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