The fortune cookie says it all

Hey blog searchers. So it’s officially 2012.. hope your new year is amazing so far! I guess that means time to search for a new blog? Preferably about relationships and how to correctly search for the ‘one’? The question is what really defines the ‘one’.. but anyway you get the jest of what this is about. So what lead me to starting up a blog? My friends think I need to stop searching for this sacred ‘one’ in my life but lately it’s something I’ve really been focusing on. I’ve taken multiple approaches to finding this individual. Some of you will laugh, some will feel sorry, some probably won’t react at all. Not even sure how many people will read this blog but still pass it on to your friends. Hopefully it will give you a laugh or two, sympathize or have suggestions. 2011 was an interesting year in regards to how I decided to tackle approaches to my love life. I will update everyone on a few highlights. However, it’s a new year so I’m going to start off wish some fresh posts.

Anyway. I went to the Mandarin with my family today. Every year the fam goes once over Winter Break when my sister and I both have time off from school. It’s one of those places you start off going like.. yes! We are going! Then you cringe knowing it’s a buffet so you will have lots of temptations. Haha. I always look forward to getting the fortune cookies at the end of the meal. You see.. I collect the messages inside and I really believe they relate to your life someway or another. So for some reason they were pink today, so if you guys want a pink fortune cookie you know where to get one. First one I got had NO fortune. Of course, I demanded another in the nicest voice possible. The following was written on my thin slip of paper…

A love relationship takes on an added dimension.

So I decided there may not be any current love relationships in my life although an added dimension could relate to the Web? Although skeptical at first, I thought it would be interesting to give this a go. See how others react to my future blog posts + what feedback I’d get. With that said, be nice..!


3 thoughts on “The fortune cookie says it all

  1. super cute!
    when i was in your room, i saw them on your wall and i wondered if you always kept your fotune cookies but i forgot to ask. funny that it came up here!

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